Team Tug

How cute is this photo? Welcome to morning fun at our house. Despite the strong muscles of these two littles, Emmy had no problem winning the tug of war. As soon as she did win, she’d immediately take the toy right back to the kids to play again. If she could talk, she’d say, “Again!” “Again!” on repeat, just like you’d expect a toddler to do.

Coffee Date with My Girl

Friday morning was a special time with my big girl. We started with her haircut at Caroline’s Salon and got her pool hair in better condition and all trimmed up. The receptionist asked Finley if she wanted orange juice or water when we checked in and Finley was over the moon happy to have a big glass of orange juice – just like the grown-ups.

Afterwards, she asked me if she could have a croissant at The Coffee Shop across the street. It was fun hanging out with her as she finished her juice and inhaled her croissant. She chatters nonstop these days about all sorts of facts, stories, and thoughts. I’m so lucky to be her Mama.

Stingray Ball

Welcome to the cutest Hawaiian themed Stingray Ball you’ve ever seen. This is Holden & Finley’s swim team annual social event and it is quite the bash! The older team members and coaches pair up with a younger swimmer as their “date”. The older kiddos bring a picnic blanket and help the little ones get a yummy dinner before hitting the photo booth and the dance floor. There are prizes for the best costume and best dancer at the end of the night. We lucked out so well with our dates that were assigned to both kids – they hung out with the kiddos all night and all danced their tales off. Finally, Finley totally crashed on Bill around 9:30 p.m. (yes, SO late), as we were waiting to see the dance competition winners. It was too sweet. We feel so blessed that our kids have this amazing community as their own and will get to grow up with such love & support. Such a gift.

Wiped Out

You know your little has had a good run when she collapses into bed and doesn’t even move several hours later when you check her before going to sleep yourself. Especially this little. She is known for putting miles on during her sleep.

While in Yosemite I heard her sleep talking. I usually don’t since I’m asleep myself. But, since I was sitting up holding Holden all night, I had plenty of opportunities. Her sweet little sing-song voice was in full effect for about 3-5 minutes. I have no idea what she was saying but she was definitely having fun in her dreams.

A Pretty Lazy Morning

If you know me, you know I LOVE lazy mornings. They are right up there at the very top of my list of life’s luxuries. This morning was one of them. I took my coffee, curled up by these gorgeous blooms, caught up on some of the “trend” news (nothing horrifying or serious like real news, but still great conversation starters as the Moms hang out poolside during swim practice in a few hours), and just enjoyed a little solo time while the world woke up around us. Trying to do this as much as possible this summer before the early morning school routine kicks in.

The “Pose Like You’re Over It” Photo

These two. We were harvesting another giant bucket of strawberries and our first giant pile of tomatoes from our backyard garden last night. I thought it would be cute to take their photo since they were having so much fun. This is what I got from them – cheeky faces, breakdance move poses, and almost an eye roll. I usually snap at least 5-10 for every decent image but tonight, I knew the ship was sinking, so I just let it go with these. And don’t you worry. When one of these kiddos celebrates a milestone moment, I’ve got millions of embarrassing photos to whip out for a slideshow. For sure. Fair notice, I tell them now that I’m doing it later and they don’t seem to care. They will. #momwin

A Girl & Her Dog

I often post about Holden and his dog but Finley also has a very soft spot for Emmy despite having really wanted a pet rabbit actually, not a dog you know.

When it is just the girls at the house, Fin often snuggles up to and hangs out with Emmy. She talks to her like I do with the same voice and speech patterns. Emmy doesn’t listen to Fin as well but knows Fin is the source of frequent falling food and so between the play sessions and bonus snacks, they’ve formed a good friendship.

I think if you ask Fin, she loves Emmy just fine, but… she still wants a rabbit.

Boys Day Girls Day

In keeping with tradition, Holden’s friend Lukas invited him to a summer day game with the Giants. These two sweet silly boys have certainly grown since they met each other as one-year-olds at Little Wonders! So tall and lanky. See how much they’ve grown & changed – check out last year as well as 2016 too.  As you can imagine, epic fun was had despite a team loss. Somehow this year, they managed to attend the Battle of the Bay game with the A’s which was especially exciting. They also walked away with themed snowglobes, now treasured by both kiddos!

Last year, Fin was not keen on the fact that Holden got to go to the Ballpark and she only got to go to gymnastics class, lunch, errands, and construction dramatics so this year, we planned a girls day with Evie so the little sisters could also have an epic day. We tore through the Exploratorium at their pace – without having to keep up with the older boys or wait for them to examine every element of the decomposing rats (remember this?)

To say they had a great day was an understatement. Check out their happy silly faces. Although don’t try to get an adorable snuggly photo – you’ll only get silly faces and antics which thankfully are still adorable, especially given the giggles that accompany the expressions.

Here’s to keeping up traditions with sweet friends! xo

1 year wake up

This morning (July 15) marks a one-year anniversary from the first morning we woke up in our new house. Can you believe it? After years of planning, delays, expense, and drama, we can finally say we’ve lived here one year. I had to take a moment and just hang out in this room (my room) – the dog isn’t allowed in here (thanks Invisible Fencing), and we don’t let the kids play in here. This is by far the most grown-up room in the house and it is my special haven.

I’m so glad we survived the past year… My eye twitch is slowly disappearing (joking. sort of). Our punch list is being chipped away yet, at even a slower pace, if you can imagine that. Uhm… Dad, are you for hire? We need someone who will show up and get the job done for us like only you can in your whirling dervish of mad skills.

One year ago, I woke on an air mattress, to this view – my oldest nugget who couldn’t be cuter. I then heard my other littlest nugget calling out from her bedroom “Momma, I’m awake. Come to find me. I’m lost!” She did eventually figure out the new house and now regularly runs and hides from us!