Hawaii Diaries: Aloha Oahu

This afternoon we hopped a flight to Oahu as Holden (and Bill) really wanted to see the Pearl Harbor Memorial. After being in quiet little Maui, Honolulu was pretty hopping. We stayed at a beautiful waterfront hotel – the Halekulani – which provided incredible service. Our view out the balconies was gorgeous and we spent the late afternoon poolside before enjoying dinner in their casual dining restaurant. Finley fell asleep during the salad course and our charming waiter pulled up an extra chair to make a bed for her. It was probably good – tomorrow morning is an early call to make it to the Memorial well before 7am. Wish us luck.


Hawaii Diaries: Medical Trauma

It’s not a family vacation without a little bit of a medical situation. Today we planned a lazy day by the pool. Unfortunately, poor Holden swam into the wall of the pool getting quite a bump and a very sore nose. Initially, the poor kid said couldn’t feel his nose which sent me off the deep end – I was worried about a broken nose or head trauma – his poor head was so purple and the bump was insanely large before he even got out of the pool.

We visited the nearby Urgent Care facility right away to make sure Holden’s skull and nose were both intact and fracture free. Thankfully the scans came back clear. He did have a minor concussion and because of that would need to take it easy for awhile, avoid screen time, and get some rest. These are all things that are pretty easy to do while in Hawaii thankfully. We returned to the resort, ordered pizza by the pool, and lounged the entire afternoon. Holden followed all instructions – including lots of rest time & hydration – he’s such a trooper and the sweetest little babe.

We then went to dinner at Pacifico in LaHaina – soooo good. A beautiful sunset view, delicious farm to table food, amazing experience. Highly recommend. After our eventful morning, and being on head watch all afternoon, having a beautiful glass of wine while watching the sunset was very much deserved and appreciated.


Hawaii Diaries: Documenting

While in Maui, we spent one morning documenting our family right as they are right now. I think the photographer did a phenomenal job snapping fast and capturing the personalities of our crew. I love having beautiful photos of the kids – especially since they are both growing so quickly. Holden is so sweet with such a fun smile. Finley is so adorable and sassy with her poses and smirks.

Hawaii Diaries: Friends, Family, Fish House

We don’t get to see our Seattle friends often enough – Jeff and Ellen are Holden’s godparents and their three boys have all doubled in size since our last trip up to see them – Holden was just turning 2 and Finley was only the size of a blueberry or so. As luck would have it – our friends happened to be in Maui over the same period. We all had a delicious dinner at Mama’s Fish House and the boys had a great time – Holden and Simon are about a year apart and quickly became partners in crime. Seems they share a love of science and volcanoes and probably a 1000 other things.  So fun to spend time with this crew.

The following night we went to a luau which the kids were really excited to see – particularly the fire juggling. Unfortunately, Fin fell asleep midway through the show and missed the fire finale – time changes are hard on all of us, but especially a 4-year old.


Hawaii Diaries: Farm Tour

After our helicopter tour we had the day to spend on the other side of Maui before meeting up with friends (and Holden’s Godparents) for dinner. The weather forecast included a fair amount of rain, so a day at the beach didn’t seem ideal. We ventured up to Kula and enjoyed a change of pace checking out a vodka farm (sugarcane based vodka and rum – yum!), a goat farm, and a winery. Our lunch stop was delicious burgers from a local general store while it poured outside the covered porch we were sitting on.

It was such a beautiful day. So much fun to explore.

Hawaii Diaries: Soaring Above

A family first for all of us – a helicopter tour of Maui and Molokai. Amazing views of waterfalls and sea cliffs as well as the coastline and sights of Maui. It was quite a treat. Some of the waterfalls we saw could only be seen by helicopter, not even by foot or boat.

These are a view iPhone photos I took during the journey and they don’t begin to do it justice.

We thought Finley was sleeping but seems she was awake as ever despite her appearance. Once we were back on the ground, she started telling people about the adventure – including the names of the landmarks, and the stories about them.

We highly recommend Air Maui – great program and staff. A really special way to see Maui.

Hawaii Diaries: Beach Bums

How do you top a day of snorkeling in an ancient volcano and slurping up the best shave ice on the planet? By hanging out at the beach, playing in the sand and surf of course. These are two are never happier than when at the beach. It’s simple – they don’t even need toys – just sun, water, and sand. Finley had a blast sitting in the path of the wave and letting it push her up on shore. Holden dug and dug. By the end of the afternoon, there was more sand on them and in their hair and clothing than perhaps at the beach itself. Thankfully we had outdoor showers at the Westin or we’d never get our room clean.

Hawaii Diaries: Shave Ice Bucket List

From the minute we booked our Maui trip, Holden has only wanted to eat shave ice and apparently the best (hands down) is Ululani Hawaiian Shave Ice in Lahaina. It was on the way home between Four Winds II and our resort so, of course, we stopped in.

OMG. It was SO good. Go there people. Go right now. Stand in line. Get the shave ice. You must. I know we’ll be back here again. Holden & Finley will demand and I don’t think either of us will complain.

The top photo of the kiddos is prior to receiving shave ice – they were just dying because they had to wait. Once it was ready however, they didn’t say a thing. There was 100% intent on getting every last drop of that goodness into their bellies. And, while some managed to escape and landed instead on the outside of Fin’s belly as seen above, it was far less than any other food, and thus impressive.