Always My Mini

Both of these were taken at Finley’s birthday party – her first (on the left) and her 5th (on the right). I didn’t realize they were basically the same pose until I was going through a few of the event photos and trying to pull one photo from each party to show Finley how much she grew. It was kind of cute to see the comparison here… Also, I don’t know how many more years I’ll be able to hold her like this – she’s growing so much. Still, some things don’t change – like how super cute she is and that she refuses to look straight at the camera whenever we try to do this pose…

Back in Print

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 9.51.12 PM


Celine Mactaggart, Founder of, recently published her interview with our designer, Amanda Teal, regarding our house – how it came to be, how we designed the house to entertain seamlessly from space to space, little things we did to make it more kid-friendly  while not sacrificing design, and even a few risks we took to make the space special. The article can be read here – it’s super photo heavy and you’ll likely see many of the images that I haven’t yet shared. All of the photographs were taken by John Merkl who is so incredibly talented. 

We’re so grateful for all that Amanda did to make this house feel like our home, and to John Merkl for these gorgeous images. I loved reading Celine’s interview as well. And oddly enough, two days later we both – Celine and our family – separately attended the Hip Hop Nutcracker in Oakland. It’s such a small world sometimes and I love that it works out that way more than you’d think.

Election Evening

Came home after school on Election Day with two very tired little nuggets. Finley cuddled up on my lap, wore my slippers, and watched the news with me. She was very snuggly and quiet and I worried she was getting sick. Thankfully she was just super tired and wiped out. I think we were all a little worn out honestly – it has been a busy few weeks and Dad is fishing this week.

After the last election, I was super nervous about this one – we have so many things that have gone sideways in the past 2 years and I was worried about what might happen. While we were far from our perfect wish list, we made good headway and hopefully we’re off to a great start to move our nation back to where we took a wrong turn.

And while she looks ticketed here, she did have a lot of energy to cheer on Rebecca Bauer-Kahan in lieu of Catharine Baker as you can see here. At one point during the campaign period, Finley asked if we were voting for Rebecca or the “Cooker” – after choking a little and trying not to laugh, we asked a few questions. Finley’s response was “You know, the cooker that bakes” and we really had to work a straight face. We clarified she meant Catharine Baker – and that Baker was her last name and not her profession.  voting for that “cooker” and after digging in a bit, Bill realized she meant Baker. Since Finley loves to have her ducks in a row, she never confused it again.

It’s amazing to me how much of this election our kids absorbed. One of our friends ran for City Council, and another for State Assembly. Our kids have attended many political events with us and heard lots of discussions. They’ve asked a million questions to wrap their brains around the candidates, the issues, and the needs.

On the day after the Election, and many days since, Fin informed me that when she grows up, she’s going to work to get lots of money to make sure people have good houses and schools and to make the downtown more beautiful with plants, restaurants, and shops – especially toy stores. Spoken like a true 5-year old. I’m proud she wants to help people get homes and keep building schools. She wants to run for election too – I have no doubt she could do anything she sets out to do.

Almost On

After a big few days of fun, I found little miss sleeping like this. I’m still not sure if she was about to fall out of bed, or if she hadn’t quite made it all the way back into bed. In either case, being a super awesome Mom, I snapped a photo and then tucked her in properly.

Partners in Crime, v. 2.0

You may remember this cute face – Jameson was a preschool friend of Finley’s several years ago and really truly, his Mama is another amazing human that I adore. Two weeks ago we had so much fun wrapping up our big giant weekend at their house for a delicious dinner, so many laughs, and even a late night dance party. These two didn’t miss a beat and were off being silly all night. Can you tell? Such cute beans. Love them both.

Happy Birthday Char!

It’s hard to believe that little Char is already 8! We’ve loved this nugget since the minute she was born. Char chose a “fall animal” party at the Oakland Zoo which just opened a new gondola ride and upper exhibit. After riding the rides and having lunch and birthday cookies, we all headed up to the top, and then enjoyed a zip line and slide at the park before Fin started to crisp up a little. Happy Birthday Char! We all had so much fun celebrating with you!

Also, this was about 2 weeks ago. I cannot tell you how much I miss those pretty blue skies this past week.  Also, if you can, check out Fin’s face in the center image, last row. I love it.

Sunday Snuggles

I’m still running about two weeks behind with posts but this is pretty much our ideal Sunday morning. The littles get a little iPad time while I have my coffee and get some snuggles. I had to take a photo because Emmy’s expression was priceless. Emmy really prefers to be the one closest to me and she has to battle the kids to get that spot. Today she lost to Finley and I think if she could talk, she’d have plenty of words to say about it.

This weekend was jam-packed with fun events, one after the other – it was so nice to just have a slow, snuggle-filled, coffee-fueled start to the morning, even if one of the babies was a little upset about being bumped out of the coveted spot.

Whiffle Ball Wonder

Flashback two weeks ago when we could actually go outside and play ball with this cutie. Now we cannot even be outside for fear of toxic, horrific air quality. Our poor kids are going crazy being on house arrest but there isn’t another option – it is just too awful out there to breathe, let alone run around and play.  We’ll get this little slugger back to the field just as soon as we can.