Dinner and a show

It’s been a very busy weekend. No school Friday, spa date overnight, museum day with the kids before an outdoor pizza oven dinner party with a few neighbors.

By the time Sunday rolled around, I was pretty impressed by everything we did. Friends joined us late afternoon for a family dinner. We lived how the kids all dressed up for a costume parade. It’s like dinner and a show over here. Never a dull moment. These boys are the sweetest – Holden was with Cooper last year and Fin and Weston are in the same class this year.

I can’t believe I may look forward to “resting” on a Monday. Seems odd to need a weekend from your weekend but I think we do!

Day at The Discovery

Another amazing day spent at our kids favorite Museum – the Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito. These kids love everything about this space. We do too. Except no almond milk for my espresso but I guess no one is perfect.

They spent a crazy long time building a giant catapult crane structure in one of the labs before taking on the great outdoors. Everything is geared just to them and they love running from place to place. Of course the outdoor and indoor fishing boats are still in the top 3 must do attractions.

They didn’t want to do the art till they saw it involved making landscapes and structures with glue and nature materials on pieces of cardboard. They sat down and made a dozen “installations” as we called them – including teepees, rafts, woods, etc.

Such a special place with such great exhibits. We always leave happy, exhausted, and very much wanting to come back.

Date Night

My amazing husband whisked me off to Cavallo Point, one of our fav places for an amazing overnight date. We had massages, cocktails, and amazing dinner. Then we slept in, had a delicious brunch, and lazily lounged about before our beloved Dorian brought the kids for a day at the Discovery Museum.

Feeling refreshed and recharged. Another beautiful weekend in Sausalito.


Sundays as Sundays were intended. A very needed break during a very busy fall season.

After that fin Wagner Party, a family photoshoot, Halloween, my daughter’s 4th Birthday Party, a major photoshoot, and a dozen or so more things all within 3 weeks, I’m SO happy today’s agenda is a blank page. You can find me here all morning. Oh, and can someone make some hash browns and bacon? Thx.

Dia de los Muertes for the Ranch

It’s for the kids. We had a blast at the Wagner Ranch Parents Party. We’ve had fun at so many of these benefit events. It’s really impressive. I’m so thankful we have both a great school, and a fun community of people for both our kids, and ourselves.

I also learned I stink at face paint. I gave it the old college try but thankfully Viva was on hand to fix my work. She’s amazing. Much better.

Birthday cards

This little bug loves getting mail. She popped right down on the floor and tore into the envelope to read it herself. She adores birthdays and celebrations – for anyone, but her own is super exciting! I love her excitement and beautiful sunny soul.

First Grade 2017

Holden School Photo 2017 1st Grade.jpg

Holden is off and running in first grade. He feels so comfortable on campus. He’s so excited to go to school every morning. He has a great set of classmates and he loves his teacher. His reading is taking off and he’s very much a math nut. He won a Respect Award again this fall – we are so proud of him. I love seeing all the cool drawings and creative art projects he’s bringing home – even if half (or more) of them are centered around Transformers.

This is his school photo – so handsome. So lucky to have this guy. Love you buddy.