Girls Day Thursday


Fin and I had a little free time on Thursday after her gymnastics class and has been dying for a mani-pedi. I booked us manicure appointments. When we arrived Finley convinced the owner of the salon that her feet were in terrible shape and she desperately needed a pedicure. She followed it by adding, do you please have time to do both my hands and my feet? Her words, not mine.

She’s super interested in the entire process. I love how she’s intently focused on her toes.

She sometimes falls asleep in the chair and she almost did again today. Afterward, she let me know she was starving (mani pedis are strenuous apparently) and she could really use an egg sandwich as Starbucks next door. I loved having some 1×1 time with my fav girl plus it gave me a chance to actually drink a coffee. I had been misplacing and forgetting ones all day – not my usual mode.

How cute is her little jacket by the way? It’s too big but it is the one Holden wore for his sock hop dance show (the same one that Finley slept through) as seen here. She loved the jacket because it has a faux fur lining that keeps her cozy. I bet we’ll see it a lot more as she’s pretty proud. Plus it was Holden’s…


100 Days In

Little Miss has been in TK for 100 days. Can you believe it? I cannot. How cute does she look tho? We put powder in her hair but it wasn’t long lasting – she was pretty & platinum by the end. Next year I’ll have to get the temp stuff. She loved her accessories – all of them: tights, leg warmers, cardigan, necklaces, bracelets, empty glasses frames, and more I’m sure.

I spent the morning working in her class. It was quite cute. We wrote “100” kind word valentine hearts; counted in groups of 20 to sort 100 candy hearts; created trail mix bags with 100 pieces of yummy treats; and did a cut and paste matching numbers activity. I was spent. She had a great time. Teachers are amazing. Good teachers are a treasure.

Never say never

Parenting is a sure fire way to immediately do all the things you’d never have done pre- parenting. Like, everyone is the world’s best parent, till they have kids. You can never say never, right?

Well. Last night snow came to my pretty little moderately tempered sweet abode. Thankfully not right on my house as the world very much would have ended in that event. We all know Californians can’t handle rain on the roads, let alone snow. But we sort of all think it will never snow here.

And, we were wrong. It did snow not far from here. In fact, we could see it’s mark from almost anywhere today. Our kids were so happy to see snow. Fin begged me to drive right up to it – but as I mentioned earlier, I know better…

See much better photos here.

Fish Fry


A new spin on the classic… which came first, the fish or the egg?

I’ve gotten the a-ok to slowly add an egg every week or two into my diet. I’ve been buying pastured chicken eggs as they are not fed the standard corn diet which then translates to me eating a corn-egg. Today I also picked up some duck eggs as people swear they are so delicious and likely less reactive to me than the chicken eggs were. Fingers crossed.

Also, I think I need to work on my egg cracking & frying skills. Who makes a fried egg that looks like a fish anyway? It’s been too long.


Just a Tuesday

I believe you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to do something special. Life is short, time flies, everyone is overextended, and all of us need to savor the moments whenever we can. Because of this, I love to make a random day special.

Bill and I dropped the kiddos at school, grabbed a coffee, and headed to one of our happy places for a fun day in Napa. First up, a delicious bubbly tasting. Second, a proper lunch in a gorgeous tree-filled, glass-roofed venue. Living in the Bay Area makes me happy when we have days like this. Date days for the win.

Monday plan

Monday is training day. It’s an early start and it’s hard. But I think it’s one of my fav days because I can attack more things by 11am than most.

Besides, even if the donut is gluten-free and vegan, it’s still a donut. So… to the gym I go.

Self care Sunday

Sunday = sleeping in, Pilates, detox baths, and delicious gluten-free vegan donut – my first since Dec 10. A treat. If only self-care was this good every day. #goals

Go ahead. Follow my plan for Sunday. You’ll love it. I promise.

Joey the Cat

So hey. We had s date night at a post-holiday party and it involved this. We were in a tournament and I balled a 260. Which was pretty good seeing Ive only played 2 times (both at Chuck E Cheese birthday parties). We almost made it to the semi finals believe it or not but lost by a mere 10 points to a team in which one person happened to freakishly get the game of her life and then burned out like a comet the next round and barely scored. Curses. Could have had a beautiful plastic trophy… oh well.

Super fun. Love how the team at Joey the Cat runs their events. Much better than Chuck E Cheese for sure. Ha! Locals, check it out.