Disney on Ice!

Our neighbors generously treated all our littles (and the Mamas) to a really special day at Disney on Ice. The fun started when the Sprinter picked us up to travel to and from the event in style. The box seats were amazing – plenty of room to enjoy the show, relax, and have catered food and beverages. Our hosts Jamie and Pascal also treated the girls to all the magic one could want – cotton candy, LED wands, you name it. These littles are lucky. But to be really honest, the Mamas are super lucky. I think we sang along and squealed perhaps louder than the littles. It was definitely a treat for us. When you don’t grow up getting to do all these fun things that your kiddos have now, you definitely relive your childhood! Once we were back in the neighborhood, the littles danced out their sugar highs on the trampoline in full Princess gear singing and squealing.

A Very Special Night

On March 1, we had the most amazing, special night, that we’ve had in a long time. Together with the team at Bay Area Children’s Theatre, we hosted a very inspiring evening for our Dare to Dream Fund donors, featuring She Persisted, the Musical and an appearance by the book’s author Chelsea Clinton.

This event may be one of my favorites. We had 6 weeks to go from start to finish which is short, even in the event world, but it came together beautifully. Our donors helped tremendously in making the event a huge success, and the feeling of the event was warm, relaxed, intimate, personal, magical, and inspiring. The entire staff from BACT was phenomenal and couldn’t be more gracious and welcoming. Chelsea herself was so open, kind, and warm, so personal in presenting both humor and seriousness in her remarks. The night was just over the top more than I could have imagined and it was a wonderful experience in every aspect.

I helped design and produce this event using many of my favorite local vendors – mostly women-owned businesses and partnered generously with our organization to support this incredible event. Jessica Lasky Catering delivered amazing food and service for the event going above and beyond any expectation we had. Two of my favorite photographers, Kristin Dokoza and Anne Wladyka donated their time and services to document the event beautifully – all of the above photos are theirs. La Tavola Linens donated gorgeous linens for the evening elevating our event style. Lea with The BalloonMan wowed with her installation. Did you know you can double up balloons to create custom colors? I didn’t but you can. Check out the photos. Each balloon is actually 2 balloons to match our colors perfectly. Orinda Florist put together beautiful blooms that topped the tables. We received wine donations from Rock Wall Wine Company as well as local restaurants and friends of BACT, beer from Gordon Biersch and Lagunitas, and water from Boxed Water.

I think the cherry on top of the evening really came from both my kiddos. In the reception space, we have a chalkboard where kids and adults can write who they admire most – it fits with the theme of the show when learning about these inspiring women. Finley, with the help of her theatre instructor Hanna, wrote that she admired “My Mom” the most which melted my heart. Then, when we got home, Holden ran into my office, grabbed some stationary and wrote a little thank you note using the colors of the event because he had such a great time. I’m such a lucky girl to have the opportunity to be part of this organization, be present at such an inspiring event and have my family. I couldn’t be more proud of and grateful for all of this.


Girl Scout in Training

Finley and Beatrice wrapped up their playdate with a chance to sell Girl Scout cookies at our local Bart Station. Finley was over the moon excited and had a blast dancing and flying a sign while cheering and encouraging people to buy cookies!

As we left, she thanked Michelle, our cookie mom, for letting her help and then she asked how much of the money from the cookie sales was her payment. I think it is safe to say that she’s well on her way to knowing her worth and being a future girl boss & entrepreneur.

Sunny Sunday

It’s the day after St. Patrick’s Day bash and the sun was still out. Coffee was super delicious and a big requirement to start out the day – especially the day after a big event. After breakfast, we headed to a fun birthday bash for one of our favorite friends at Finley’s favorite spot, Chuck E. Cheese. Then, when we got back home, I was so happy to get a date with my pilates reformer – it always feels so good. That afternoon we all did a family + dog trek through the neighborhood, still soaking up the beautiful sunny weather. And then it was suddenly time for dinner, bath, & bedtime. Between the face paint, the tattoos, and the weekend in general, the littles definitely needed time in the tub. Weekends just don’t last long enough, unfortunately.

Happy St. Patrick‚Äôs Day 2019

Hope y’all had a magical, pot of gold filled St. Patrick’s Day. We certainly had a blast with a little mischief and a lot of fun. Several amazing friends joined together to throw a wonderful party as a fundraiser for our school. The entire planning period and event was so much fun – some of the best girls! We couldn’t be luckier. Especially given the weather… the sun was out, the temps were warm, and there wasn’t any rain in sight. I hear rumors it may be coming back but we easily got the best weather weekend in a looooong time. It was so nice to be outside in the sun, wearing t-shirts, and having such a perfect time.

Best Princess Birthday Tea

You guys, is this not the cutest, sweetest Princess Tea Birthday Party you’ve ever seen? Our amazing neighbors, twins, Aria and Noelle, along with their sister Zoe, and parents hosted quite the beautiful birthday bash in this gorgeous blue explorer themed room at the Claremont Hotel. It was amazing and over the top. Not only did the littles have an incredible time but the Mamas were spoiled as well. Thanks to Alyssa Wendt for the amazing photos (top set) that perfectly captured the magic and beauty of this very fun occasion. And how cute is that portrait of my little tea party pro? Love.

Leprechaun Traps

I had so much fun working in Fin’s class today helping her and her classmates make Leprechaun traps! These kids were so focused and excited and really creative. I love that they do amazing little projects like this and keep magic alive. Their teacher is so kind and does a great job honoring that they are all newly turned 5-year olds with amazing creativity and imaginations.

Field Trip & Worlds Collide

I was so happy to hear Holden’s entire grade would get to enjoy a field trip to see She Persisted, the Musical, performed and produced by my favorite organization Bay Area Children’s Theatre.

This specific musical is a must see. It’s one I’ve been most excited about. If you aren’t local, buy the book. It’s a story we need to embrace and share with both our daughters and our sons. It teaches the importance of persevering under incredible pressure, and believing in yourself, to improve the world. It honors those women who did incredible things to change history – stories that are often swept aside but shouldn’t be.

It was a treat to see the matinee performance. Student matinees are one of the major reasons I wanted to join in support BACT. In many cases, we provide free or discounted tickets to underserved populations, and often provide the only live theater these kids may see. It’s impressive and inspiring how many kids have enjoyed live theatre because of the commitment of BACT and the generosity of its donors.

Local Bay Area friends, if you haven’t seen this – run out now and get tickets. A handful of seats remain in the SF run, and then it travels to Sunnyvale through mid April. So good.

Blue skies. Even for just a day!

You guys! It was sunny today! Finally! A Christmas Miracle!

I ventured to SFO today without a flight scheduled, so that I could do a quick interview with US Border Patrol & Security to get my Global Entry status approved so that next time when I fly without my already approved husband, I won’t have to stand in the big line while he scoots through the fast lane.

Afterward, I had the best lunch with one of my favorite friends from Burlingame. When we lived there, I pretty much saw her daily and our kids grew up together. She is one of the things I miss most when we moved across the Bay. It was a lot of driving in a short time, and I don’t miss this commute or traffic, but the sun was out, and it was so good to see her!