Wow. It’s been an insanely busy week. We moved into our house Friday and I haven’t stopped moving – pre or post. I dream of unpacking, at least I think I do, but I don’t know I’ve slept either since maybe Wednesday of last week. I’m so tired but we are all so happy and really loving our new home. And it feels amazing being able to toss out this pesky cardboard box. Tomorrow rugs come!!!

Saturday view

Just another day with another gorgeous view. Reason 923,874,856,024 why we love living here.

We came home long enough to pick up the kids and head to a birthday party here at Lawrence Hall of Science on the UC Berkeley campus. This view… So amazing. Happy Birthday Ben! Thanks for a fun party and thanks for keeping us indoors today – it is a scorcher outside for sure! Next up… a Parents Club Party to support fundraising at Wagner Ranch. You’d have no idea we are moving into the house in 6 days do you? I am hopeful we get the temp house packed soon!

Some balance

So. We slept in till 9am. It’s amazing how much you can rest when your kids aren’t there to wake you up. 

After finally waking, I checked the kids cam to see what they were up to. I scrolled back in time to see the little miss gymnastics walking along the back of the couch while Dorian was helping Holden. It’s good they soon left for gymnastics class as Fin clearly was craving and ready for it. 

Silly Fin. She always keeps me on my toes. 

Walk thru. Run away. 

So today was our week before moving in walk thru at the house. I thought it was going to horrible. It wasn’t awful. There’s a lot of work but mostly minor – lots of painting touch ups as our painters seem awful at detailed finish painting and a good deal of door and hardware problems that will need to get resolved sooner than later. Our iron work is finishing this week, the floors had a final finish coat over the weekend. We need to walk through the landscaping stuff for a final and of course correct the fence since they started installing the wrong one (so cheap looking). 

After the walk thru Bill and I ran away for 20 hours to relax at the nearby Lafayette Park Hotel and Spa for an overnight while beloved Dorian hung out with the kiddos – we all miss her. 

It was nice to get away even for 1 day. This upcoming week is all about moving and logistics and I’m not sure how it will all play out. Wish us luck. 


F: Dances out to breakfast looking like this after getting herself dressed and accessorized. 

B: “Finley. You look so beautiful. Are you a princess today or a unicorn?

F: “No Dad. (Sigh). “I’m a rocker.

B: “Oh. What’s the name of your band?

F: “The Leaf Program” as she heads to eat her cereal

We’ve been reading the Rebel Girls book and one of her favorite stories is about Joan Jet. I think it might be because the story says that the drummer often just wore underwear to perform in and that sounds hilarious to a 3-year old as you can imagine. 

10 days to go

Here’s a sneak peak of the house during our prep & detail period. Our walkthrough is coming up and it is daunting how many things we will have to go through and point out. So many knicks, marks, scratches, dents, dings, and items to be finished. No idea if this will come together or not. We’ve got 10 days to go and I think it is honestly the most stressed I’ve been yet in the process. Plus we get to move in 10 days so pack pack pack here at temporary casa, followed by days of unpacking at the new casa. I’m not sure how it is all going to come together. Eek. Fingers crossed. Stocking up on coffee now.

Camp commute

I’ve learned my lesson – next summer, we’ll put both kids in camps at the same place. Right now we have two separate spaces, both from 9am-12pm so drop-off and pick-up are a bit of a scramble. It’s also proof that I should never leave home without coffee. You never know when you’ll be stuck for 20 minutes to get 1 mile to the coffee shop after camp drop-off. Especially when someone hits a water pipe that mildly “floods” the road, aka it is now wet. At least it is a pretty view from my new temp parking space.

History repeats itself

Somewhere, many years ago, I was riding around on the shoulders of my oldest cousin and I’m pretty sure there are photos to prove it (somewhere, buried in albums I’m sure).

My cousins, Rog & Renae, along with their spouses visited San Francisco last week and it was SO much fun to spend time with them. It has been far too long and it was such a treat to get to spend time together again, as well as have them meet Bill & our kiddos.

Speaking of kiddos – they were in heaven. They loved they were the only kids and got to stay up late like the grown-ups. Getting their favorite foods, taking BART rides, having extra iPad time, and even playing playdoh at the table added to their happiness.

Finley is now addicted to shoulder rides after Rog hoisted her up for a stroll through SF. Good to see Rog is still spoiling little loves left & right. We hope they return again soon! Big hugs cousins. We love you!

Swag bag win 

What’s better than endless days of pool fun, sun, and popsicles? Having Daddy come home from a work trip with the best swag bag finds imaginable – a cheetah and unicorn hat – one for each of their spirit animals. To say they were excited is an understatement. Way to go Daddy and thanks to the tech company that selected these two items as their giveaway. Big winner!