Soccer Saturday

Captured this cutie with a super big grin on her face during warm-ups at soccer. The team is really coming along this year – given all of them were brand new to soccer, they’ve proven to be quick learners and great sports. I think Bill has had a lot of fun and is happy that he can do something special with Finley. No idea if soccer will have great staying power with our crew but I know Fin has loved it this year – she’s all about the team and cheering on her friends. Still not making much, if any, moves to get into the thick of it on the field but always jumping, bouncing, clapping and cheering.

Swimming is Safe, They Say

I think I’m queen of the most random ways to injure a foot. A few years ago, I fractured (3) bones in a photo booth. This time, I kept the bones intact but I dislocated one in my foot while doing the butterfly in our adult swim program. I happened to kick a lane line and it was hard, and it hurt. It really hurt. We knew something was wrong and went straight to the Urgent Care. The x-rays showed a dislocation but not a fracture thankfully. I was able to get an appointment several hours later with a podiatrist to reset the bone into the joint. As long as it stays in place, we’re good. If not, I’ll be having surgery to pin it so I’m really doing my best to keep it aligned.

So much for swimming being the safe sport… leave it to me. Holden was adorable, very supportive but did remind me that if I stayed centered on the blue line (bottom of the pool) I wouldn’t hit the lane line again. He’s definitely proud that he’s the swim expert in our family. Meanwhile, I’ll be here, foot up, for a few days and recovering hopefully in 4-6 weeks.

My Nugget

B snapped this photo of Holden and his dog Emmy. I absolutely love it – Holden loves his dog so much. He waited years to have a dog and helped pick out Emmy. While she’s a bit neurotic, he always loves and adores her. He’s such a sweet boy with a heart of gold. I know I’m biased but I really don’t think you could find a better little man.

Photo Shoot Wrap

Last Wednesday we met up with one of our favorite photographers Kristin Dokoza to do a photoshoot. She recommended the beach in Alameda and I trust her as she has wizard skills.

Prepping for the shoot was a bit of a rush – I couldn’t really dedicate any time to it before our Bandit Bash on Saturday. Sunday we spent out day snuggling on the couch, attending a BACT performance and enjoying the afternoon visiting friends. Tuesday I was scheduled to work in Finley’s classroom, get much-needed highlights, and take Holden to golf. All of this left only Monday to pull everything together. Thankfully the planets were aligned and we managed to find pants that were long enough to fit Holden’s legs and skinny enough to stay on his hips.

While Tuesday was crazy hot, Wednesday came with cold temps and really windy gusts -, especially near the water. I was so grateful that the wind quickly died down a bit to make it more tolerable and less insane hair-wise. Despite the cold, the wind, and the bright light upon arrival, the sneak peeks I saw from the images from the back of camera looked so good. I cannot wait to see the real images! Kristin is incredibly talented plus she’s so fast and funny. I’m pretty confident this will be one of our favorite shoots.

Usually, after a shoot, Bill and I cannot get to a cocktail soon enough – trying to get two kids to look at the camera is exhausting. This time, however, we were not nearly as wrecked – the kids did better than they have in the past and the shoot was short. But, we were in Alameda, it was dinner time, and one of our favorite local wineries is right there so, we popped into Rock Wall, grabbed a glass of their delicious sparkling rose, and a delicious burger for dinner. The view from the winery is impressive – watching the sunset while enjoying bubbles and time with my family felt so good.

Tuesday’s Together

This Tuesday I had some fun one on one time with each of these goofy nuggets. I worked in Fin’s class and took her with me for my highlight appointment. After Holden was done at school, Bill brought him to the salon for his haircut and we traded kiddos. Holden stayed with me so I could take him to golf and Fin went off with Daddy to soccer practice. It is always nice to have some quality time with these little gems whenever we can.

Back to class

I spent Tuesday morning in Fin’s class as a volunteer. I got to work in the compliment letter writing station. Each week, one child is the wonder of the week and the other students draw a picture, trace letters to fill out the template, and add the words they like to personalize their compliment. It was really fun spending time getting to know the kiddos and seeing their personalities. After the station time, and snack time, they get choice time. Of course, our Miss Fin was all about the art supplies and got right to work painting with watercolors.

Costume Test & Mummy Walks

Sometime in mid-September we start planning for Halloween. If you live here, you know Halloween is about as big a detail as Christmas. I asked the kids what costume they wanted to get this year and Finley belted out “a mummy – with black eyes and black lips” without any hesitation. I couldn’t find any nice looking costumes so we set out to make hers. Last week I had the nearly finished product ready for a test run. She slipped it on and immediately started doing her mummy walk. She was born ready to be a mummy – it’s clear. I think she’s hilarious. I had to video her demonstrating her mummy walk to share. Check it out here.


Coming to a holiday card near you!

My nugget lost another tooth and wow, what a cute little face he has. Bill and I were expecting this tooth to fall out right before our Holiday photo shoot so watch your mailboxes friends and family – this adorable grin will be coming to you soon!

He couldn’t be cuter or sweeter… I love this gem.