Pete Souza

Does his name sound familiar? This man (Pete Souza) was the very talented photographer for the Obama White House photographer as well as the Reagan White House. Not only are his images beautiful, his sarcasm and ability to throw shade at our current President is unlike anything seen before. Each time Trump botches something, Souza throws up an image of Obama handling the same issue in a far more graceful manner, with dignity and poise. Because watching the news is just too horrid most days, this is often how I hear “what happened this time” regarding the President.

Along with our current theater subscription – a gift to Bill for his birthday, we received (2) tickets to any of the series of talks given by authors, playwrights, personalities, etc. When I saw this one was on the list I quickly scooped up tix. I was SO excited to see this man in person, up close, and hear his talk. He did not disappoint. It was such a wonderful evening – truly a treat. Plus each seat received a copy of his beautiful book. I hadn’t yet purchased so it was a nice bonus.

1, 2, 3, down and out.

After all the events and activity, especially this past weekend, we all needed to crash. At one point I woke up on the couch to find Bill and Finley both asleep next to me. I was impressed both that we were all napping in the daytime but also that we all fit on the same sofa. Holden was downstairs – he managed to skip the nap but was asleep by 6:30p for early bedtime.

Spring swim

We are definitely getting some good value with our pool membership this year – far more than last year already. Spring swim has us there most days of the week from 330-530. Usually, both kids get in the water too. Some days I’m in a puffer jacket, some days I’m in shorts and a tank. It doesn’t seem to matter to the kids bless them – they just jump in. Wrapped up a day at the golf course to spend an hour or more here with these nuggets. Love that Holden is loving his time on the swim team. So fun to watch.

It’s for the kids… #483

A long week with a longer weekend deserves another big hurray on Monday to either wrap up the weekend of craziness OR kick off the week in a big way. Ari and I volunteered to drive the cocktail cart at the Orinda Elementary Golf Scramble. I have to say, it’s pretty nice to spend the day driving a golf cart with a girlfriend on a beautiful course and hand out beverages. I could get used to this. My allergies, on the other hand, picked up big time. By 4pm, I was a red-eyed monster. I think I still came out ahead… there were a lot of cars spending the night at the Club House and Uber rides home for many of our parent golfers. A good day was had by all. And, because it was “for the children” it is all ok. Right?

Double Dutch

Mom friend and fellow TOPS parent Val asked me to co-host her double dutch jump rope party as a fundraiser for TOPS. I have zero coordination but a beautiful backyard so I agreed. Friends, this girl Val is amazing. She got all of us first time jumping Moms into the ropes and we were all successful – especially this first time Mom, former dancer (she’s so graceful btw) – just watch. What a fun way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Troutcamp pregame

Friday night brought us to the TroutCamp gala at the Four Seasons. It had been an insanely long and intense week filled to the brim with was so happy to arrive a bit early and enjoy a cocktail with my handsome husband before the event began.

Bill has been a fan and supporter of California Trout for awhile now as he appreciates their mission to help wild fish populations thrive in California’s cold water streams. This was our first time attending the event and we were impressed. Not only was it a lovely event, but it was extremely successful – bringing in over $840,000 to protect wild fish, rivers, and streams.

And yes, Bill now has another fishing trip or two as a result of all that successful fundraising…

The new chickens

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted solely about Miss Em but here she is, 1 year old, getting bigger (much taller than I was expecting) and calming down a little. For her actual birthday, we celebrated by having shave ice in Hawaii (oops). When we returned, Bill bought her a super cool pineapple-esque chewy bone (like a rawhide but more sustainable / safer I guess), a super industrial destruction proof toy, and scrambled eggs in her kibble. She loved the bone, destroyed the toy in a week, and keeps begging for eggs since.

Since her birthday toys didn’t last, I stocked up on some new interests – including a few different chickens since the pink rope chicken has been the long-time favorite. Em was SO proud of these new toys but, alas, she destroyed them in days. The chicken’s leg was off before sundown and the rest soon followed. Thankfully I picked up an assortment at Home Goods (way cheaper priced) so it wasn’t painful at all that she really goes in for the kill when it comes to toys. Back to the rawhides – they keep her busy and they’re meant to be destroyed.

Paws to read again

Wednesday is one of Holden’s favorite afternoons because it involves a trip to the Library for the Paws to Read program with local service dogs. The dogs and their owners are gems, resulting in Holden’s increased reading confidence. He doesn’t want to miss a session, even if it means wearing his swim trunks to the Library and scooting out to spring swim practice right after his session. I love this program and all it does for our younger readers. Finley’s practically ready for her own reading slot with the dogs too! Soon, I’m sure!