Eating with Fin

Fin has always been a good eater particularly when comfort foods (namely mac-n-cheese) is on the table. She has an epic sweet tooth but, thankfully, she loves fresh veggies as well – maybe it balances it out, I’m not sure.

Today Finley shared some wisdom on her eating preferences. I called her for dinner and she delayed. I called again. She came to the stairs and looked up at me. She stated, “Mom, I’m only going to eat if I like the foods on my plate.” I nodded and said, “That sounds like a really good plan as long as you decide what you like after you try a bite, and not just by looking at it. If you try it and you don’t like it, you don’t have to eat it.

This seemed to pacify her as she headed to the table to inspect her plate & the offerings on it. She was very excited about the avocado and not so keen on the beets, but she did take a bite as requested. The one bite didn’t inspire her to eat the beets – they sat right there all through dinner – but she tried it on her own without prompting. The turkey proceeded to eat an entire avocado, two chicken strips, a handful of non-beet vegetables, and a pint of blueberries. And this was after eating big meals all day. She’s either not eating anything tomorrow or about to grow 3″ overnight. Right?

Strawberries Arrived

Last year our crew didn’t finish the fence on time and the neighborhood deer ate our strawberry plants down to the ground. This year the fence was solidly in place and the plants came back in force. Overnight we had scads of juicy yummy berries. We used a bunch to top off our churros at our backyard bash and got used to thinking of the strawberry beds as an all-you-can-eat Vegas buffet.

Last week I cooked a bunch down into a delicious sauce. If you know my kids, you know they love ice cream toppings of any variety but garden grown strawberry sauce is now at the top of their list – just below rainbow sprinkles, of course. The sauce was the perfect way to wrap up our 4th of July BBQ – along with shortbread, ice cream, whipped cream and blueberries.


On Saturdays We Swim

Saturday mornings have become a whole new thing for us. They are now filled with swim gear, warm-ups, heats and lanes, snacks and fuel, camp chairs and sun shades. All for this nugget to do what he loves. It’s totally worth it as the crew is amazing and our baby is having a blast.

Next year Fin will join in all the fun. But for now, she’s cheering her brother from under her towel tent. Only Finley.

Jumpy the 🐸

We’re frog sitting this not so little frog for the week while our friends are in Tahoe. Our kids are SO excited. I think we’ve designated Holden as the one to drop the bugs in during feeding time. We’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, Jumpy is enjoying a nice quiet perch in our guest room after all the exciting transition from his house to ours.

Emmy doesn’t have access to the guest room but she knows something is living in there and repeatedly gets as close as she can to sniff the frog out. I think it was a very good choice to set Jumpy up in here. Fingers crossed all goes well for the week and Jumpy is in tip-top shape when our friends return. Eek!

Fire Season

It’s that time again – fire season in full force, unfortunately. North of us in Yolo County, a fire broke out last Saturday afternoon. By Sunday evening it had burned 22,000 acres and on Monday morning, it had burned over 45,000 acres being only 3% contained. Sometime on Sunday, it crossed into Napa County. As of Wednesday, it burned 86,000 acres and was 25% contained. Firefighters expect to have it fully contained by next Tuesday 7/10.

I took these photos of our eery ash and smoke filled sky last Sunday night while the blaze was only at 8000 acres. While we could see the effects of the smoke in the sky, we couldn’t smell it as we did last year – I think because the winds were blowing in the opposite direction. We also had a big drop in temp and heavy increase in fog over the weekend which may have helped.

Nearby another fire blazed over the past weekend in Concord, likely due from a car that started on fire along the roadside. Thankfully the residents in the area had already completed weed abatement practices which were key in the efforts to save this area and no structures were lost.

On Monday another fire broke out in Moraga, about 5 miles away. Thankfully it was small and contained within hours, burning only 45 acres of mostly green space and ranch land.

It all hits close to home. Seeing the intense fires last fall and knowing so many people that lost their homes to wildfires makes us all on edge. We’re so thankful for our very dedicated and talented firefighters. Stay safe friends.

Happy 4th, 2018

We had a blast celebrating the 4th today! Joined by our besties and extended family made a festive day even more special. Love having these 5 adorably cute buddies together all day, plus their parents are pretty awesome. We felt blessed. Bill’s cousin was also in the area for a work project this month and it was so great he could join us too!

Our morning started with a pancake breakfast, followed by a small town charm parade, and a park festival with a petting zoo as a cherry on top. Then we came home for a mega play date and BBQ lunch.

It’s hard to get a shot if 5 kids all looking happy at the camera, even when you’ve had an epic day of play and giggles. This one (center) was probably the best of the bunch. Plus, check out all that personality. Whew.

Another friend named Liz posted today on Instagram “Happy Birthday America. We haven’t been getting along that well lately, but I still believe in you.”

This pretty much sums up my feelings and is right in line with the play Bill and I saw last week at the Curran called “Soft Power.” Side note: Totally a great performance with crazy good vocals on both lead characters – def worth checking out.

The play/musical is fictional but rooted in enough truth to make you think. It’s centered around a love story that developed between a man from China and Hillary Clinton. In the course of the play, you see what happens when democracy is perceived to fail. In the end, Hillary’s love for and belief in democracy, despite her loss of the election after winning the popular vote, illustrate the hope and promise ahead of us.

Today is about far more than parades and ice cream sundaes. I’m so grateful to all of those who serve(d) to protect our country and our freedoms. I’m thankful to all those fighting now to preserve and protect human rights for all, striving to live compassionately, and keeping families together.

Emmy has a crush

Remember our skittish, afraid of everyone dog? Well… apparently she’s been abducted by aliens. She’s met our neighbor Pascal a few times, but tonight, as we were hanging out in the courtyard, she decided he was her person and insisted on sitting on his lap most of the night. It was hilarious. She never really goes up to anyone (except me and usually Bill) and tonight, she was all about Pascal. We always knew he was a good guy – nice to see Em’s vetting him too!

Days of Summer

We’ve made it through the first month of summer and it has been a very busy month – filled with activities, adventures, friends, and lots of water sports. Some mornings, usually Sundays, are thankfully filled with nothing but laziness, just like this. And apparently, so lazy, we don’t even need to wear clothing. These two bugs crack me up. Everyone deserves a totally lazy day off, right? Right.