Littles Thursday

I got to spend my Thursday afternoon with these two cuties – I picked them up from school and we were off to gymnastics and a quick shopping errand before picking up snacks at Starbucks, and then heading to the pool to meet up with the rest of our gang. This is Fin’s sweet friend B, a long-time friend and now a classmate. Both girls are the sweetest and have the funniest little voices and accents. I love having time with the little ones as they are growing up so fast. Hard to believe my youngest is already in school and already doing so many things.  I’m in denial.

Two at the Same School

Friends, I tell you, I love having these two cuties at the same school. It is amazing. I feel like a new person. Today was spirit day at school so I had to snap a photo of my cuties. They both love their school and are so happy to be together but Finley is definitely missing her preschool. We accidentally drove past the preschool today and she was quite vocal about how much she missed her old school. I don’t blame her. Going from play-based preschool to an academic school is like going back to work after vacation. No one wants to do that. I hear you sister.

🐭 studies

This cute little mouse didn’t fare too well unfortunately and our poor sweet girl had a hard time with Daddy scooping him up in a dustpan and put him into the garbage bin. She wanted to keep him in a place that she could see him since he was so cute. Unfortunately, given what happens when mice decompose (and a dog who eats anything and everything), a dead mouse display isn’t an option. We explained this to Fin and after some discussion and reasoning, she agreed. She’s so curious and inquisitive – such a sweet girl. She loves animals so much too – so sweet. Possible future veterinarian?

My tracker

This little pup is happiest when she’s beside me. It doesn’t matter if I put her outdoors using the pantry door on the main floor, or from the playroom on the lower level. She then finds the door or window closets to wherever I’ve moved to within the house and just waits for me to open the door for her again. I laughed once while giving a house tour. Emmy moved from room to room, from downstairs to upstairs as we walked through the house. Today I put her outside a tried to take a little nap in my room. When I got out of bed, I saw her sitting at my door. She’s such a love bug – and she loves being with her person. She’s a bit of a nut, but she’s such a love… and so sweet. And smart, obvs.


You know it’s been an epic day when you fall asleep in a car seat with your legs up while basically doing an ab crunch. To be a kiddo and be able to sleep in any position… This one just cannot stay awake in a car seat if she’s the least bit tired. It’s so adorable.



Curious Girl

Today Fin helped me gather up the laundry, sort out the colors from the whites, and load the machine. She then spent the next 10-15 minutes watching the machine do its magic. It reminded me of how they used to peer excitedly into the oven the entire time the batch of cookies or cupcakes would bake. They love seeing how things work and what happens next. So curoius. So interested. These kids are amazing and so much fun to hang out with.

Stuffy Trail

Sometimes I come out of my room and I just have to wonder what the storyline was that morning. Today is one of those days. Both kids had been busily playing for awhile and ran up to breakfast leaving this behind. I’m not sure what they stuffies were all lined up to do – hopefully something better than waiting at the DMV…

First ⚽️ Game!

Saturdays are for soccer!

We all enjoyed our first game as support members of Finley and the Pink Unicorns. Bill and our neighbor Pascal took on the coaching roles for these cutie powerhouses and do such a great job each week – we’re really proud of all of them. For the majority of the team, this was their very first soccer game ever and they did a phenomenal job.

Finley had a blast playing. She didn’t get in on the scrum action a bit and preferred to be on the outside but she got in some good kicks and was so enthusiastic about the entire experience. Watch the above short clip… her happy bounce after her big kick is everything. I just love it.

For the next few months, you’ll find us on the soccer field watching the Pink Unicorns take the world by storm. Great job girls… we love you!

Coach Erin

Our swim lessons with Coach Erin continue. Clearly Fin is a big fan. I love how Coach Erin is getting her all ready for 6 & unders swim season next summer – even doing little things like having Fin hold on to the side of the pool wall during instructions – half of the time the 6 & unders are in swim practice, they are in the deep end of the pool and have to hold on to the wall while they’re waiting their turn and listening to their coaches. I think this little nugget is going to do great things and be so prepared next summer. She’s also quite lucky as she’ll compete for 2 years as a 6 and under given her birthday.