2018 Advent, Day 11

Sometimes you just want a sweet afternoon.

My way of making that happen is to take two cute kids, bring out some new mugs, add in steamed milk, and stir in yummy hot chocolate spoons. My kiddos agree.

Today our littles were so excited to make hot chocolate when they got home from school. It’s not a big Advent activity by any means, but it certainly was fun for all of us, and definitely a treat for the kiddos.

Two Peas. One Pod.

I had to snap this photo as soon as I saw these two. So precious.

Emmy adores Finley & Fin adores Em. The two mimic each other all the time. If I’m in the laundry room, I can almost always find Emmy snuggled up on Fin’s bed waiting for me to finish up.

I love how this little pup is really becoming besties with both our kiddos.

2018 Advent, Day 10

The holidays call for creativity. Both of the kids love the Nutcracker and doing art p

The littles got Nutcrackers to paint today for their Advent activity. I let them know that they could paint them any way they wanted. Holden did a pretty realistic interpretation of his Santa inspiration. Finley did a much more artistic version – just as I would have suspected – one that included using the beard and hair fur as a topper to his hat, because… “Fashion” – she cracks me up all the time but definitely has an artistic streak and a strong sense of style.

It makes sense because her current obsession is Jack Skellington with the Nightmare Before Christmas. She is nonstop all about that movie, music, etc. Get ready for a Jack Skellington birthday party – she’s already planning it.

Over My Ears, Just Like My Dad

Hillary asked Finley what she wanted to do with her hair. Finley’s response: “I want it over my ears, just like my Dads. He doesn’t have to brush his hair and I don’t want to anymore either!

Hillary refused and told her that if we cut her hair that short, she couldn’t have the adorable braid hairstyles I do. Finley said nothing, smirked, and held two thumbs up high. Clearly, she’s not a fan of hairstyles despite liking all the compliments she receives.

We settled for 3 inches off so it would be like Mommy’s – thankfully it is a bit longer still.

Fin was ecstatic to be able to bring their class stuffy, Bookie Bear, to her haircut. She was really excited that she got to dress him too. She chose the star wars outfit and accessorized with a black vest so he would have a stylish outfit. Her fashion sense is pretty hilarious.

2018 Advent, Day 9


Santa! Today we joined dear friends for an amazing breakfast and morning with Santa at Neiman Marcus. It was incredible. What a treat! Besides the most incredible Santa, we also had a delicious brunch, yummy coffee, and perfect mimosas. You couldn’t ask for a better holiday morning.

Finley and our friends next door all had matching dresses – the squeals the girls made when they saw each other all dressed the same was absolutely precious.

The kids and parents had just an amazing time – breakfast was delicious, Santa was wonderful, every detail was flawless, and we were all so spoiled. We cannot wait to do it again next year!

2018 Advent, Day 8

Today our Advent Activity was to make little treats to share with our neighborhood friends. The kids voted on hot chocolate spoons that you can stir into warm milk and make hot cocoa. We melted chocolate and filled the molds. Then we inserted wooden spoons and topped with a pile of marshmallows. We bagged them up and tagged them with instructions before all heading out to deliver them to our neighbors.

The kids have so much fun making deliveries – they plan the route, love to ring the bells and then excitedly tell the parents and kids what to do. Finley is absolutely hilarious as she belts out instructions while bobbing up and down excitedly. It’s a circus to watch. The kids also walked Emmy who did so well for them on the leash. It was a real treat to see how much she’s improved.

And then we all rested afterward – there are a lot of hills and steps in our neighborhood you know! Happy Holidays neighbors!

Holiday Pace. Mondays Got Us Like…

Sometimes, the rush of the holiday weekends catches up to you and Mondays are hard. If you’re Finley Grace, it may look something like this. No shirt, big bowl of pasta, and power ranger dark glasses.

I would love to be this girl when I grow up.

We were all about to eat dinner. She didn’t want to get her holiday dress dirty, so she took it off. Then suddenly she just popped on these goggles (no idea why they were on the table) and settled into eating her pasta. What a girl boss.

2018 Advent, Day 7

Today the kiddos had “holiday lunch boxes” – they had Rudolph sandwiches with peanut butter & jelly and chocolate covered pretzel ears; Christmas trees made with cucumber, ham, and a tomato; and a marshmallow snowman as a cute yummy treat.

I usually send our kids off to have hot lunch so cold lunch is a treat. Rest assured though their hot lunch is night and day above what we had growing up – everything is made fresh with several choices of entree and a yummy salad bar. They love hot lunch but this cold lunch was certainly fun for them.

Don’t you love their faces as they peer into their lunch boxes? I especially love that Emmy is right there beside them, just hoping that a bite will fall to the ground.