Sweetest snack

Can you guess who was beyond thrilled to get this yummy chocolate covered s’more? Thankfully we made her share half with Holden. Even with half, it was a ton of sugar! Fin was SO excited to get to eat hers!

Safari West

I’ve known about Safari West an insanely long time but had never been. We checked it out 2 summers ago while Bill was off but the kids have to be 4 to do the safari portion so we tabled it.

Soon after Finley did in fact turn 4, epic and tragic wildfires tore through Napa, Calistoga, and Santa Rosa surrounding this wonderful space. We heard the inspiring and amazing story how the 76-year old owner, Peter Lang, stayed behind to save the 1000+ animals and 400 acre habitat with boots, 10 garden hoses and his golf cart, all while losing his own home. Read about it here if you want to hear the whole story. It was amazing to your the property now and see evidence of the fire in every direction you look.

In addition to a wonderful safari drive to see so many beautiful animals, you can opt to sleep over in one of their glampsites – complete with hot showers and running water, toilets, electricity, heated blankets, fans and air conditioning in tents on wooden platforms.

Dinner and breakfast are served family buffet style with grilled meats, veggies, salads and desserts plus kids make their own s’mores. We had no problem with a gluten free, dairy free, soy free, egg free, corn free diet – they couldn’t have been nicer or more accommodating.

We witnessed first hand how noisy the screecher birds (aptly maned I might add), the Guinea fowl, flamingos and of course the ridiculous roosters. They were SO loud all night. I know I slept but my dreams were so strange and filled with all sorts of horrid sounds. It was hilarious. The kids had a blast. They were so happy and loved the adventure.

Before heading home, we made a few stops including the petrified forest and our favorite grocery, deli, coffee shop market in Napa – the Oakville Grocery – yum!!!

These kids were in heaven all weekend. What a special escape. We also had zero cellphone coverage so it was truly a vacay for us too.

First Splash 2018

Well, as you might expect, morning came early after our fun last night. Never fear, we made it on time, snagged one of the last available parking spaces, and were ready to go by the “be there time”. Holden had a rough start on his first swim for freestyle – usually his strongest stroke and finished slower than he did the week prior. He took it in stride and got some downtime and rest between his two swims.

When it was time, he got in the water for his backstroke and shaved 5 seconds off his prior best time. B and I were SO proud of this guy for pushing through and giving such a strong effort. He rocked it.

We all agreed that Holden would go to bed early the nights leading up to swim meets to avoid fatigue. I am also pretty sure he had a case of nerves as it was the first meet that he had another competing team next to him. Thankfully, as he’s in the lowest end of his age range, he doesn’t have a ton of meets this year. We’re using the time to gain skills and build confidence. It may be a different case next year.

In the meantime, I love watching Holden focus, work to meet goals, have fun with his teammates, and be such a great sport to kids – on his team or other teams. I couldn’t be prouder of this little amazing human. Love you, Holden!

And little sisters of swim are also on standby to cheer on their brothers and eat snacks. If eating snacks was a team sport, these two little girls would win gold, no question.

Go Dubs!

What’s better than the last day of school? A Warriors win for the National Championship of course! Holden enjoyed a fun night of pizza and basketball with friends celebrating his favorite team. Of course, I feel a bit bad, he was up about 1.5 hours later than usual and he has a big swim meet tomorrow, but, it is not every day that you get to see your favorite team sweep the series. So… Go Warriors. and Naps tomorrow for everyone!

Oh Hey Summer!

Picked up this guy after a busy morning celebrating the last day of school and promptly went to Loard’s ice cream to celebrate the arrival of summer! Both were pretty excited – not only by all the adventures but also the ice cream sundaes, of course! This is going to be a wonderful summer since we’re spending it with Dad and having lots of trips together. We’ve got lots of activities – like swim & dance & art, several adventures, some downtime, and hopefully lots of laughs and fun with friends. Hey Summer 2018, we’re here! Let’s do this!

Kiss A Pig 2018

It’s kind of becoming an annual tradition… Each year in the week leading up to our annual Round-Up event, we host a fundraising contest to “Soak the Sheriff” and “Kiss the Pig” – Students vote with their pocketbooks to see what grade gets to soak our Principal with super soakers and what Teacher will have to Kiss A Pig during the last day assembly.

This year, Holden’s teacher won top honors. She was an amazing sport. The crowd of K-5 graders (all 400 of them) were ecstatic to watch and cheer on the event. As I had to announce and rally them, I didn’t have the option to video like last year. I’m waiting for footage but till then, this is Bella, our sweet baby pig that grunted something fierce during the entire proceedings. She was a great sport, as was her handler, and all our top 3 teachers.

I’ve said it only a million times before but we’re SO happy that we’re part of this fun & wonderful community!

Last Day First Grade

Speaking of being a proud Mom – can you believe this little gem is wrapping up his last day in first grade? SO proud of all he did this year – his reading took off and he continues to hone his scientific skills – researching how & why and understanding correlations far beyond my expectation. He’s loving art and music making beautiful and imaginative drawings, always singing and dancing, and mastering so many new sports including swimming and golf. He’s got friends all over the place – he’s kind and sweet and honest and he’s the best gem of a person. Bill and I are so proud of this little nugget. Plus, I honestly don’t think he could look cuter if he tried (I know I’m biased), but… he’s a doll inside and out.

We were really sad that he’s wrapping up with another favorite teacher but learned that she’s moving up to 4th grade instead of staying in first. Now our fingers are crossed he’ll have an encore year with her – such a gem as well.

Enjoy your last day little bug! Your summer is just around the corner!

Holden’s Character Award

Proud Mama… This little gem won a character award from his school and we’re so proud of him. You are the best little man – so blessed to be your Mama. Keep being you… You’re pretty remarkable my sweet baby.

And, Bill and I aren’t the only proud family members – just look at little Miss… She’s very happy for her big brother!

1st Grade Field Day

Had so much fun celebrating these adorable first graders for a fun Field Day event themed around the Olympics and culminating in a popsicle party for all. What a fun event and what a great group of students, teachers, and volunteers. I’ve said it many times but we feel lucky each day to be at this great school with so many wonderful families and educators. Such a beautiful place.