Where’s Finley

This girl loves to play some hide and seek. Even with the see-through table, it still took some time to find this nugget. We call this one “mouse pose” as she usually pretends to be a mouse when she sits like this.

And that polar bear, he’s Pole-ie, for pole-her bear as she says it. He is big demand in her stuffie rotation right now!

Friday hikes

Whenever it’s sunny, we love to take Emmy on a hike with the crew. The kids taking turns picking the trails and off we go. Emmy loves it. Everyone does better with time outdoors. Such a gift to have this as our backyard. So special.

Weekend conditioning workout

Whenever I’m worried I’m not getting enough cardio-strength training, my little boss coach steps in to give me that extra demanding push. She’s tough, strong, little and mighty. And she means business. Climbing hills isn’t really a workout till you add a 36 pound monkey. Good thing I love her. Also. This is one of the biggest reasons why I have to always work out. Babies get heavy quickly.

Peanut butter jelly hotdog

For about a week now Finley has requested a peanut butter jelly hot dog. She’s been obsessed. She wants everyone to eat one.

Fortunately for Fin, Bill also loves hot dogs (but with mustard thank you) and so she finally got her wish.

I kept waiting for her to think it was disgusting but her exact word was “delicious”.

You can see for yourself here.

🌈 🦄 ☕️ @ 4️⃣ ⏰

Some days you really envy your 4-year old who receives smiles, compliments, and literally ooohhs and aaahhhhs when she walks into a coffee shop at 4pm still in her pjs.

At best, I’ve really only ever received sympathy or pity showing up in my pjs at 4pm. This girl.

And she rocks those jams, no? Tuesdays. We ❤️ Tuesdays.

Emmy’s Tower

From the minute Emmy arrived, she has been making herself at home. This quickly became one of her favorite perches to watch the world go by and keep a guard on all the goings on around our pad. She cracks us up with her intensity and expressions. This girl fits right into our crazy crew.

Plus, it’s almost like we designed this feature just for her but we didn’t. I loved these arches in the walls of another inspiration house while we were planning and insisted they find a way into our home. I’m glad Emmy appreciates the little details that jammed up my brain for 3 years.

Pinewood Derby Final Touches

This kid (and his Dad) have spent hours working on his first pinewood derby car. Holden made it through weigh-in this past Saturday. Now the cars are all safely and securely stored in the Fire Station waiting for the big event.

Someone (Holden) is super excited to see it all come together. Someone (Bill) is nervous given his own childhood trauma with a pinewood derby car that performed subpar to his expectations. We’re all looking forward to the big day on March 17. Stay tuned for the results!

Baby shark 🦈

Someone has a very wiggly tooth – and for good measure! Our first permanent tooth is pushing through. Hello little shark! Bets when that first tooth comes out? His birthday photos will likely have a new look this year.