first day!

Stop. It doesn’t seem possible that my itty bitty baby is already off to school today. He still feels 2, maybe 3 years old to me. I love this bug SO much. I’m so incredibly proud of him and all he will learn and do this year.

Our first day started with a family breakfast and confirmation that we packed all the necessary items – a snack, a lunch, a big backpack, our beloved puppy stuffy, two transformers, and his orange sunglasses. Fin accessorized herself with floral leggings and polka dot leg warmers for the big day.

We were able to stay with Holden in his class for about 30 minutes to meet his teacher and help him settle in. He has a great group and a wonderful teacher. We also enjoyed meeting some of the parents in his class.

Fin had to cry a bit when it was time to leave – she isn’t sure about not being with her big brother / best friend all day. I feel for her. I’m not sure about this either. School is 8:45 – 1:10 right now and while it isn’t much longer than a Gazelle day, it’s a whole new animal with much less free play time.

Afterwards, the new parents met for coffee in the library after and continued to meet other families. Finley went with us and now she asks to go the library every day after drop off. She loved being able to play with other younger sibs.

Holden was all smiles when we picked him up later that day – he chattered on and on with my mom on the phone. It was so sweet to overhear. This kid. My heart. Love this guy so much.


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