For Grandma

Holden and Finley went to an art themed birthday party this past weekend for one of Finley’s sweetest little girlfriends. Holden worked so hard on these gorgeous coffee filter paper flowers. He loved that he could spray paint them – what kid wouldn’t like to spray paint? He made the flowers and the vase for Grandma and was so proud to give them to her. This kid is such a love.

I have photos of my Mom in the hospital but she’d swat me for sharing them so I opted to use this floral photo instead. Mom fractured her femur last Friday (11 days ago). She then had surgery on Tuesday to put in a plate & set of screws. She totally rocked the procedure and was healing amazingly well when it all came to a screeching halt. She developed a post-op complication called Ileus in which her intestines & bowels are temporarily paralyzed. Nothing got out, nothing stayed down, and she was miserable. More than uncomfortable, it is pretty serious. We’ve tackled it as best we can by removing pain meds (she flat out refused them) which is pretty impressive given typical pain levels post fracture & surgery. We added anti-nausea, anti-bloating, colon stimulating meds. They wiped her out. She is making baby steps towards health but it is a long, exhausting road, and we aren’t fully out of the woods.

Long story short, Mom hasn’t eaten anything since Wednesday night (it’s now Monday night). Until she is able to keep things down, and everything works as it should, she stays in the hospital. I feel so bad for her as a broken leg seems to be enough to handle without adding this Ileus thing. I’m very proud of all her work and recovery effort as well as her strong spirit. She’s a good egg and a tough cookie. Unfortunately, we had to send my Dad back home which is also sad as I know he’d rather be here helping her. He’s also a good egg and a tough cookie.


One thought on “For Grandma

  1. Hi Krysta. So sorry to read your blog this morning and learning of your Mothers complication. Hopefully it will improve quickly and be on her path of recovering. An ileus is a very scary thing but treatable if I remember correctly The children’s floral arrangements are precious and will certainly brighten her day. Please give a special love from me. Love to all of you. Barbara

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