Daylight savings time insanity

Peeps. We made it. Today was the day after daylight savings time, a Monday, and an insane one at that. But… we made it. And despite Holden’s pants, we did it pretty well I think.

The past 5 weeks have been some of the most intense I’ve experienced in awhile. I thought the Hashimoto’s and the never-ready house construction project were enough to handle. It appears it wasn’t. We’ve added so many additional bumps to the road, it’s almost silly.

As you know, just before my parents were scheduled to return, my mom fractured her femur requiring surgery (yikes).

2 days later Holden fell in a playground tumble and broke his thumb (ouch).

2 days later still my Mom suffered a post-op complication with a complete small bowel obstruction, resulting in her longest hospital stay, and moments of pretty extreme stress.

We flew my Dad out as we were looking at surgery and nervous about her health. When Dad got home, he was exhausted and brought a nasty virus home with him (ugh).

Finally, 28-days later, we get the a-ok to move Mom from the hospital to the injury rehab place. While I’m literally packing and transporting her, Finley develops a UTI (crap). It happened to be the afternoon before our flight to San Diego (of course).

We have a blast in San Diego but I could sense Bill was on the verge of coming down with something. We got home Sunday and by Monday we confirmed it was strep (I’m not kidding).

Hashimoto’s, building a house, and daylight savings time are already a lot to handle and more than I’d like to take on. Then you add the past 5 weeks and it is no wonder that I am questioning having any sanity remaining.

Today, the first Monday after Daylight Savings Time was unbelievable. I went more places, more times each, than I would have thought possible. I was literally a whirling dervish of activity and things all day long. I even saw a car fully engulfed in flames on the freeway and I honestly wasn’t surprised – it fit the day. I should have known today would be nutty because my latte art foam resembles a mushroom cloud (clearly I should have sent it back). The next 3 months are pretty intense and I am going to need my team to be full strength to get through it in one piece (get and stay healthy people).

All things considered, even with all the intensity and dramatics today – there were details that brought me smiles, laughter, and a sense of community for which I’m so grateful. Moments like having way too much fun planning a school event over coffee this morning; enjoying an impromptu park lunch playdate with besties; celebrating a friend’s new, almost-finished home remodel; receiving several very kind compliments from friends near and far; and soaking in the gorgeous weather with my sweet Mom while we watched my kids wrestle giant chess pieces and toss bocce balls like pros really make each crazy day enjoyable.

While I wouldn’t complain about a day off now and again, I certainly recognize I have a good life with so much to be thankful for. I mean, look at this photo. While my Mom’s health issues were serious and awful, my kids (and I) got to spend so much more time with both her and my Dad (so important & special). There’s always a glass half full, a silver lining, and another cup of coffee to keep us going.


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