A day with grandma

Sometimes we convince Grandma to join us on our daily adventures. Today was such a day. We dropped off Holden to his school and then went to the coffee shop to kill some time before Finley’s drop off before we could then visit Grandma’s surgeon for an update. 

Finley loved getting some girl time and being the only little. Grandma ordered a hot chocolate with whip just like little miss and they played connect 4 like besties. So cute. 

And as for Grandma’s appointment – we formed a plan is perhaps the best way to explain it. As you know, she’s been struggling with her post-op ileus turned full small bowel obstruction.  It hasn’t been pretty. 

She’s been on a liquid diet since Feb 17 and she is unable to stabilize her weight thus far (dropping from 102 to 84 pounds despite me blending avocados and heaps of coconut oils into her foods and keeping a soup, smoothie, meal replacement, even ice cream in her hands at all times. 

Additionally concerning is her nutritional reserves depletion. We’ve been monitoring all indexes regularly and recent labwork right as she departed Tampico was concerning. 

She was anemic during her hospital and rehab stay but thankfully has gotten back into normal ranges likely due to the diet changes we could do from home. Her proteins were also severely low but have since came right in a tick below the normal range. While these are great signs, they aren’t solving any of the big picture needs – i.e. weight stabilization and ideally weight gain; ability to eat more than a small cup of anything without feeling pained or full, etc. 

Finally, her most recent X-ray showed the blockage increasing in size rather than diminishing. The NG tube was awful and she doesn’t want to be in that distress again. 
Given all of this, as well as her desire to return home quickly, and in a healthy condition, she opted to proceed with surgery to repair. Plus, even if it would heal, it’s likely to return which is scary to her. I don’t blame her here. 

Her surgeon is uber talented, familiar with her case, and her fragile tissue and very successful with an arthroscopic method which will hopefully be possible in her case, making recovery easier and faster. 
While surgery is always a risk, Mom is at a point now that action needs to be taken. She’s done everything she could to try to heal but she needs a boost.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers on Monday. 

One thought on “A day with grandma

  1. Thank you Krysta for the update on your Mom’s health issues ! She is alwAys in my thoughts and prayers and again on Monday. I am so thankful that she has been under your watchful eye during this time and receiving the best medical care possible. A special love to her and all of you from the Towse/ Overman families❤️❤️

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