Walk thru. Run away. 

So today was our week before moving in walk thru at the house. I thought it was going to horrible. It wasn’t awful. There’s a lot of work but mostly minor – lots of painting touch ups as our painters seem awful at detailed finish painting and a good deal of door and hardware problems that will need to get resolved sooner than later. Our iron work is finishing this week, the floors had a final finish coat over the weekend. We need to walk through the landscaping stuff for a final and of course correct the fence since they started installing the wrong one (so cheap looking). 

After the walk thru Bill and I ran away for 20 hours to relax at the nearby Lafayette Park Hotel and Spa for an overnight while beloved Dorian hung out with the kiddos – we all miss her. 

It was nice to get away even for 1 day. This upcoming week is all about moving and logistics and I’m not sure how it will all play out. Wish us luck. 

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