Emmy’s adventures

Emmys adjusting to life with our family but it isn’t without growing pains. Kids were new to her. She’s good with them, but she was really fearful and we love seeing her start to play and even snuggle on them.

Once, when scared by the awful threatening backpack in the car, she leaped onto Finley’s lap and completely covered every inch of Finley. Finley thought it was by far the funniest thing that ever happened to her and couldn’t stop laughing. Poor Emmy was frozen in fear and had no idea what to do, or how to get off the chair and the kiddo.

Emmy loves playing catch with Holden. She also runs crazy fast around him causing him to cackle with glee.

She’s definitely left her mark, literally, as she’s peed on every rug we own. It does make me second guess myself quite a bit but I think the greater good is still there and worth the deep cleaning.

She gets herself into the craziest of positions – lots of frog variations and also really long lean postures. Def a good yogi with her flexibility plus a huge acrobat. She’s clumsy and quite awkward at times which makes for lots of laughs.

Emmys super good motivated and loves learning new tricks. She hasn’t quite recovered from her rough beginnings as she thinks everything is good, including the landscaping mulch, plastic cups, fireplace rocks, etc. Given she was found in a dumpster, and her obsession with eating the non-edibles, we nicknamed her “JYD” for junk yard dog. It fits the behavior but thankfully, she’s just so cute.

She’s also gained about 5 pounds in the 6 weeks she’s been living here and gotten taller. We still expect a smaller medium sized lean dog, probably between 30-35 pounds.

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