Hungry Catepillar

Our friends at Bay Area Children’s Theater invited us to the opening of their new beautiful theater space and a very special screening of The Very Hungry Caterpillar on Sunday morning. It was such a sweet event – with snacks mirroring those you’d find in the books, tattoos, face painting, a photo booth, and of course a performance.

The performance was incredible. Every show with BACT is of course but this one was over the top amazing. They used large puppets (75 of them to be exact) and it magically brought the illustrations of Eric Carle to life. The kids (and the adults) were spellbound by the talent of the actors, production, and the creative genius of the sets & puppets especially.

Afterwards, we all got to meet a few of the puppets – the kids could pose for pictures and even touch them. I know it was a very special day for them. BACT is such a wonderful organization and I am so thankful they are literally in our backyard.

I’m so proud to support BACT, not only for the benefit of my children but because of this organization’s commitment to outreach – bringing live theater to children who wouldn’t otherwise have access to this amazing gift. I also love how all their performances bring our favorite books to life – it literally shows kids the magic & power of reading – what a way to positively enforce learning this very important skill.

Can’t wait for our next performance in a few months – we have Willy Wonka and our beloved, very favorite book series, Elephant & Piggy, We are in a Play! The kids are SO excited.

Local Bay Area friends, if you don’t have a season subscription, you really need to do this – it is a must for our families. Out of town friends & family – check out this site, support them or local live theater near you. It is amazing how it helps the minds of our little ones develop so positively. And in our current world, we need all the positive moments & enforcement we can get.

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