Our Golfer and a girls date

We introduced Holden to golfing this week and he LOVED it. He joined a sweet Mom friend of mine (Tara) who runs a golf clinic out of the Claremont Country Club. Tara is amazing with the kids and they all adore her. Holden is showing some real natural talent that will get even better with the pro help. With his brittle bone disease (OI), I was really hoping he’d take to swimming and golf – both are neat sports experiences that he can do for his entire life – a way to participate in the sporting community without as much likelihood as getting hurt. Fitness is so important to me, especially with OI, to keep one’s body moving and healthy.

After his first lesson, I asked him how it was. His reply, “Awesome. Can you get me my own clubs and a bag like that with wheels?” He asks every morning if it is golf day. He’s totally into it and I love how excited it makes him.

The Claremont Country Club is also the place apparently – it’s hard to get into and it has an uber-strict dress code – primarily, no denim of any color in any place. Tuesdays are now my hardest day to get dressed as I can’t even step out of the car if I’m wearing denim. And, for this mom, I either am usually wearing denim bottoms OR leggings with a denim shirt. I’m having to up my appearance game just to keep my kid in his favorite activities. It’s probably a good thing. I spent an entire weekend in my sweats / pjs (they basically are one in the same) so clearly, I could use a little more styling these days.

While Holden golfs, Fin and I get some girl time. We’ve been taking Emmy with us and walking through the fun Rockridge neighborhoods. We usually stop for a treat (Fin picks something for her & her brother) and I usually get a coffee or ice tea. Finley is such a good explorer – she can easily keep up, walking a mile or more, without a complaint. Emmy is learning how to walk on a leash and getting more socialized. It’s a win-win. The only downside is that we have a bit of traffic through the tunnel on the way home. No one seems to notice as the kids are busy eating their snack and chattering about what happened during golf and the walk.


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