Bandit bash

Welcome to Wagner Ranch’s annual fundraising event – our Auction & Party. This year we hosted it at our Wilder Quarry House and I was able to enjoy being on the planning team. Our theme was “Around the World” and it was a pretty genius idea.

Costumes were encouraged but not required and you could pick anything travel related – i.e. a tourist, a pilot, an aviator, native dress, cultural icons, you name it. Bill and I went in skier and an apres ski costumes – I knew it could sometimes get chilly and a lot of the venue was outdoors. I tell you, wearing furry Sorel boots to a cocktail party is brilliant. I have never been comfier or cozier. It was awesome.

You know what else was awesome? This event. It totally rocked. We had a blast and more importantly, we raised a serious amount of cash for our beloved school, like $97K. The crew that worked on this event is amazing. The parents of our school are wonderful. The staff and administrators of the school are inspiring. I’m so thankful we’re part of this vibrant and talented community.

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