Paw patrol

After last night’s big fundraiser, with two days of set-up, I was really looking forward to a lazy day of sweats and sleep. And I got about an extra hour of that luxury, sleeping in till 8am actually. We then rallied our wagons and drove to San Jose for the Paw Patrol Live show with the kids.

Bill bought VIP tickets and we were seated right in the center of the very front row. The kids were in awe – it was an adorable show! At one point, Mayor Goodway (pictured above) came down, into the audience along with a camera person and they interviewed Finley live, with her sweet head all up on the big screen. She was a pro and totally delivered a great performance.

I had to laugh as Finley insisted on her sequin bow headband and then wore it in the funniest way you can imagine – she did it herself and was so proud. I couldn’t take it off or fix it just because she was so proud. You can see her little smirk on the big screen in one of the images above. Afterwards, we got to stay for a little reception and met Ryder, the Mayor, and of course Chase and Skye – the two favorite pups.

If this show happens to come to a venue near you, please do go. It was just too cute and well done. I liked it far more than I’ve ever liked the actual show. Super talented cast and again, amazing puppets (a trend these days I think).

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