We continue to hear more sad news from friends, family of friends, and friends of friends who also lost everything. These fires are devastating and so tragic and there appears to be no end in sight. We are watching the fatality count climb higher and higher. It is awful. More and more stories involving loss and devastation break your heart more each time you hear them.

Fires continue to terrorize residents of Napa, Sonoma, and Solano counties. Most fires continue to grow and are not yet even minimally contained despite the best efforts of our first responders. New evacuation orders follow for more neighborhoods and towns daily. The winds were high again yesterday, slightly less today, and expected to kick up again over the weekend. No rain in sight. Most of Northern California, including our town, is on red flag alert, which is a warning given the conditions are very high (dry and super windy) for new sparks to ignite.

Air quality deteriorated rapidly to “unhealthy for sensitive groups” and then to “unhealthy” and even to “very unhealthy” throughout the Bay Area this week. People as far away as Reno felt the effects of the smoke. Our home is located approximately 40-70 miles from the fires. The horrendous air quality has forced local schools to keep students inside all day or cancel school altogether. Closings extend to festivals, road races,

A week ago, we were walking above our house, on the hill, and took the photo on the left during a pretty sunset. Yesterday, I stepped out of my side door at 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon to take the photo on the right before jumping back inside our house. It was SO smoky, so noticeable. Ash fell from the sky. I shudder to think of people having to breathe closer to the fires.

Stay safe friends. And everyone, hug your loved ones tightly.


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