Gymnastics yes or no

Finley loves gymnastics. She doesn’t stop bouncing through and you can hear her chatting away with her teacher for the entire class. We took a month off over the summer when she was too young for the camps. Her first day back, she refused to participate, and instead sat face down, like a rock, and would only “peek” out from behind her hair. Her instructor wasn’t phased at all. She simply said “Ok Finley. I’m picking you up now and we’re going to the next station.” It was like that all morning. If you look in the top left photo, you’ll see Finley carried in “rock pose” from place to place.

After class, we had a chat about participation and listening. Finley promised me she’d do ALL her gymnastics the next class and of course, she did. She hasn’t missed an activity all fall in class and is often the first one in line. I still have no idea why she refused that first class but it did crack us all up – especially as her will is so strong. She didn’t break character once during the 45-minute class.

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