Paws to Read

I was really out of it last week with the fires. On Wednesday afternoons we usually take Holden to the library to do the Paws to Read program. It’s pretty awesome. The kids read to the service dogs. They love it. Holden had slipped a bit in his reading level over the summer break (mostly my fault as we didn’t push him to read a lot while we were in the final push of the construction and then the crazy move-in process). He’s made up for most of it already, before October, and he’s doing great. We’ve started doing programs like this to add variety to his reading assignments.

He selected a really easy book for his first reading. Afterwards, the dog’s owner said he did really well but that the book was clearly too easy for Holden. It was just the boost of confidence he needed and he went for a more challenging book. He then read that book so well and was so proud of himself. He’s seeing how fun reading is. I think a lot of it is seeing the Bay Area Children’s Theater acting out his favorite childhood books. Also, Bill read “The Princess Bride” to the kids over the summer and then showed them the movie. Seeing the book come to life and the power that reading can bring has been so helpful in encouraging him to want to read and write his own stories.

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