On Tuesdays Holden golfs while Finley, Emmy & I explore the shops and sights of Rockridge and College Avenue. We weren’t able to golf last week due to the air quality – way too yucky for these young lungs. However, the week before all the fires, we headed over early after school and all had a treat together before Holden’s golf lesson. He clearly approved.

And props to my favorite coffee place – Philz. They let me carry Emmy into the shop to place my order and then even delivered it tableside to our outdoor table as the barista could see I had my hands full with the two kids, two yogurts, a croissant, and a dog intent on catching the pigeons. Sometimes Emmy is a full body workout which is hilarious (and sad) as she’s only 19 pounds. Thankfully it was a slow time at Philz (yes, I had decaf) but it is just SO good. A total pick-up for a crazy day of moving pieces.

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