So. Just when I thought the dust was settling and the punch list was shortening, this happened. I was marking the paint touch-ups when I suddenly noticed that we have drywall screws popping out of most of our house. Apparently, it was wet last year when they installed it and despite us asking if they should have fans and dryers or heaters in the house, they assured us it would be fine. Clearly, it wasn’t. We have hundreds of these popped screws, in rows, up and down, every single room in our house. All of them have to be rescrewed, retouched, repainted and in a few cases, replastered. It’s a BIG pain and headache and will require extensive invasive work in our home while we live here, with our new beautiful things. To say I was pissed was a bit of an understatement. Given our photo shoot, everything is on hold for now. I’m not sure if we’ll tackle this in November or wait till post-holidays and do it January again – allowing time for the heaters to be on and further dry out the house. I need to talk to some experts on this as I don’t trust the opinion of the drywall clearly. And of course, it means I have to deal with the painter again. Or maybe, hopefully, someone else.

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