Making Progress with Emmy

This sweet cute little pup is really settling in to our house, and life. She’s getting the hang of it, cracks us up daily, and is even seeming to understand she cannot pee or poo on every rug in my house (she’s on a tight program and careful constant watch). Now that the shoot is over, and some of our most pressing house projects are complete, we’re getting more and more time to get her out and about as well. She has definitely grown – she gained 6+ pounds since her arrival about 6 weeks ago, and is weighing in at 20 pounds right now. She is also considerably taller it feels. Sometimes we think she grows while she sleeps, even just during a nap.

She has totally proven her worth many times, but twice in particular as she seems to find the snakes and alerts me to their presence. First, it was one in our garage (thankfully I didn’t have to see it as it was a pretty big ugly one) and then again yesterday in our side yard. I have nothing but love for my builder who rushed over in about 30 seconds from getting my call to take “care” of it for me. A Christmas bonus goes to this guy for sure and Emmy has a permanent home with us, filled with chew toys, snacks, treats, and toys.

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