Coffee break

Sometimes we get to say yes. So many times I have to say “yes, but…” which technically is a “no, not right now”. We have an hour between Holden’s drop and Finley’s drop. We usually get a coffee and run an errand. Today she asked to go to the blue coffee shop aka Sideboard which is on Lafayette, not Orinda. But I said yes. And I said yes to the giant banana butterscotch pudding concoction she wanted. And she ate half, mostly the whipped cream top and first layer of pudding as is her custom. Then we rushed back to Orinda to get her to school and me to an appointment on time.

Being Finley’s mom is always fun and amazing. Today she asked me “what is in our hearts?” And I answered “love.” And she questioned “what else?” And I asked why she wanted to know about what was in our hearts so I could better answer her. And she immediately replied “because I want to know everything my Momma knows. You’re the best Momma!” Which of course just melted my heart. This girl is such a love.

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