Happy 4th Birthday Miss Fin!

Our girl wanted a gymnastics Power Ranger party so that’s what we did. Y’all know Power a rangers are one of my least favorite things but I think we did ok and everyone had fun. On the way home, Fin said it was “the most wonderful day ever!” and I’ll take that as a job well done. Earlier this morning Holden also gave me props saying “Mom’s parties blow the roof off!

Big brother was just as excited as our little Miss – check out how proud he is carrying all the gift bags into the party. And we cannot wait to get the photos back from today’s event. My sneak peeks over Anne’s shoulder showed gorgeous gems.

This girl had a blast today, joined by quite the crew of cute little friends. I’m so in denial we have a 4-year old (officially in just a few hours). She’s a remarkably creative, funny, sassy, spirited, sweet bundle of love and so perfect for our family. We couldn’t love you more little peanut! Please stop growing up so fast! Happy Birthday!

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