Halloween party season kickoff

Halloween just may be the most intensely celebrated holiday in the Bay Area. Considering it is only 1 day – most of us stretch this holiday out for the month of October. Our Halloween season started a good 10 days before the Holiday with our first costume party. Fin & Holden raided their dress-up closets to come up with these costumes. Thankfully we not only have a dozen costumes on hand at any time, but we also have a dozen dress up party options to use them all. I hate wasting things as you all know!

Bill and I went uncharacteristically low tech – as snail mail. It is fitting. We have recycling and packing materials coming out our ears, still, months later after moving in. The only thing we had to buy for our costumes was the plain white hat Bill is wearing. We printed out the postal logo and attached to his existing shirt & new hat. I think he’s embarrassed that he has clothing so similar to a mailman uniform but I’m pretty proud of our reuse and recycle abilities.

Plus – I think Fin had WAY too much fun driving Zoe’s Minnie Mouse car. Just look at that face. Thanks, Jamie & Pasqual – great party, as always! xo

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