Setting the stage at home

Our first Halloween at our new home! Here we go… We delayed the set-up as we had a photo shoot mid-October but we wrapped that and launched this and we’re ready. Bring on the trick or treaters.

I revamped our ghosts this year. I like them better. I have some edits we can do in the future years but this wasn’t bad for a few hours. I really wanted to do the following gem of a decor idea but thought it might emotionally scar our children, and our neighbor’s children (all about the same age) and given the drama that can accompany an HOA, I opted to press hold on this. But how cool would it have been? There is always next year. I should start collecting dolls. If you happen to see any 18″-36″ varietals, send them out my way! I wish I could find the source for this image as someone really needs credit for it. Plus I’d love to see what else they can do.

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 4.01.55 PM.png

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