Automatic down time

You know those days when you have about a 1000 things to do in an hour? Well. If you are attempting to do it with two littles along for the ride, you might as well just stop before you head out. I loaded everyone up in the car for a few stops before our charitable costume event and wouldn’t you know it, the little one was asleep before stop #1. So. Change in game plan. I preordered snacks and a coffee from Starbucks from my car, ran in for curbside pick-up and Holden & I just hung out and talked Power Rangers. I can’t tell you anything specific about our conversation as my brain doesn’t do Power Rangers or Transformers but he was happy. He’s not a shopper or an errand guy – that is for sure. I think he probably¬†bribed Fin to go to sleep so he could do exactly what we did. Thankfully, I’m almost caught up enough to have a plan B day to dedicate to these crazy errands. I need it.

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