Tug of war

Finley and Emmy have a new favorite game. Actually, it may be more accurate if I say that Finley has a new favorite game and Emmy is desperately trying to protect her favorite once stuffed stuffy.

The pink rope situation you are seeing was once a 6″ round chicken (scroll down for the before photo). Em destroyed it so there is only the top of the chicken head and a bunch of rope braids hanging down. She looks a teeny bit like a hot pink Rastafarian¬†running around with that hanging out of her mouth and it is really funny. She has stopped destroying it but she cherishes it.

Anyway, Fin loves to hold one end and Emmy goes for the other and then play “tug of war” for days. It really is sweet. But I’ve since made Fin do it with another toy. I found a back up of the pink chick but it’s like $17 on Amazon. I know it was far less when I purchased it at the pet store. I’ll have to run in and see if they have more available. If you happen to see a Zanies pink chick – send it to Emmy. She’ll send you a check if she doesn’t eat it first.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 1.08.12 PM.png

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