The blue coffee shop that is called Sideboard

Usually, mornings are a blur of activity around here. Drop-off for two schools, hubs to BART, and sometimes Emmy to the groomers, construction guys or designers running in and out, Dr. appointments, and lots of errands crammed into a very short period. And coffee. This Momma needs a coffee or the day is just a loss.

On rare occasions, however, the planets align and I can indulge my littlest love with a special treat from her favorite “The Blue Coffee Shop.”

Side Note: This coffee shop is not to be confused with “The Yellow Coffee Shop” which is actually named “The Coffee Shop” and has a yellow logo. The “Blue” one is actually named “Sideboard.” One always has to be on their game and know the translations.

Anyway… Finley *really* wanted to go to the Blue Coffee Shop before school. It’s in Lafayette and her school is in Orinda. However, we had just enough time so we ventured off. As a bonus, they even had her favorite little table with the red chairs open & available. She was pretty excited and definitely got started on the right foot. It’s so fun having moments like this to enjoy with my kiddos – and especially fun to have some 1×1 time with this cutie.

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