Dad’s away and the kids took over our room

Dad was traveling all week last week. We are out of practice as he hasn’t had to travel nearly as much (yet, anyway).

Poor Fin had a few rough nights – perhaps related to the change in routine and snuggled in with me each night while he was gone. Most nights she was pretty still believe it or not, but she was all over the place one night. She finally settled with her head on my tummy and her body across the exact middle of the bed. True Fin fashion. The above was my view as I woke up.

That night I had an evening meeting also while B was traveling. I really try to avoid doing this our kiddos hate it. As predicted, they did their best to keep themselves up well past bedtime, finally falling asleep in my bed.

While they’ll no doubt be exhausted and cranky tomorrow, I love how they take care of each other and fell asleep snuggled up. These two are the sweetest and such good sibs. We are so lucky.

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