Thanksgiving week at Grammy’s

We’re at Grammy’s house this week soaking up all the fun and festivities with some of our favorite people. And of course, quite a few bowls of ice cream. It’s Grammy’s house after all.

Since we’re going to be in our new house for our first Christmas, we did our annual holiday jammies photo a bit early this year. Last year it was the elves and this year they upgraded to Santa. They look so adorable. I can’t believe we got all (5) kids looking and super cute at that. We had to throw in one goofy photo too just for fun! I bet you can guess which one they enjoyed more. We’re taking bets on how long we can convince this crew to keep up the tradition. We’re all prepared to start bribing whenever it becomes necessary.

Finley (and Holden) spent hours making Christmas lists and art projects galore. Check out that dining table. Thankfully Grammy’s cool with temporary artistic takeovers.

We also had lots of lazy moments in which the kiddos could snuggle up with Chloe (the wonder dog) and/or wake me up at 6:00 a.m. even though it would be 3:00 a.m. their time. It’s no wonder why I didn’t know what time zone I was in the entire week, or the week following back home for that matter.

Grammy cooked a feast for Thanksgiving – Of course I did zero photos that night but I did snap a detail of the gorgeous florals our friends at our favorite local flower shop created on the fly with only hours before closing on Wednesday because I forgot to call ahead (bad event planner, clearly I really am retired and out of  practice).


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