Museum of History part 1

Holden’s been obsessed with visiting the Natural History Museum for years and this year we were able to make it happen. Our day started with a ride on Metro North to Grand Central. You know our kids… train rides are often just as wonderful as the actual main event. Mommy fueled up on her favorite Irving Farms coffee before stepping foot outside the station. Love that you can buy an amazing coffee in a train station. Win. Then we cabbed to the Museum and the kids, of course, loved that they could just “sit” in the car – vs the hassle of car seats. Me too honestly.

We spent the entire day (I was so exhausted) roaming the Halls and exhibits within this amazing place. Holden could name any dinosaur skeleton, no matter how far away or high up it was hanging, and explain how modern animals evolved from their prehistoric counterparts. My head was spinning as there was so much to absorb and he was 100% in his element.

His biggest must-see item was the Tasmanian tiger which was unfortunately in storage as they were doing a lot of work on the Museum. We had prepped for this but it was still a bit of a disappointment for him. He settled on being happy to see the Siberian tiger, along with another Asian type. We promised a return trip to see the very favorite tiger when it was re-installed. Guess I should become friends with the person responsible for pulling that tiger back out… This alone is the reason that this post is titled “Part 1” – I have nothing more to share from this visit but I know we’ll be back to see the beloved tiger.

Poor Fin wasn’t as enamored with the whole day at the Museum but she was a trooper. She did love the IMAX space film – I think the context was a bit above her head (black energy) but the awesome effects and visuals were pretty exciting to see.

The tree behind Grammy, Bill, and the kids was decorated entirely with origami animals. It was exquisite and really beautiful to see. I almost bought one as a souvenir of our trip (each trip gets an ornament for our family tree) but everyone voted for a gorgeous glass blown dinosaur instead. Can’t blame them. Cool dinosaurs are pretty awesome – especially to the 4 and 6-yr old demographic.

We wrapped up our day at The Oyster Bar in Grand Central for a yummy dinner before training back to Grammy’s house. It’s back home tomorrow and I think we have 1 (maybe 2) very happy campers that this wonderful experience was checked off his master to-do list.


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