Advent 2017, Day 1

At our house, Advent means getting into the Holiday Spirit by celebrating with experiences – helping others, spending time together, creating things, and enjoying all the fun of the Season. Each day the kids read the activity card in our Advent calendar and then enjoy whatever they get to do.

Today, Day 1, was to donate food to those who need it. We talked about how some children and their families don’t have enough food and have hungry tummies. Finley and I picked up some selections that she felt were healthy and kid-friendly (and she did a great job with her selections actually) and then Holden and Finley delivered them to the collection bins at Holden’s school. They were so proud that they could help hungry children have full tummies.

I loved that they were just as excited to do this service act, as they were to get something for themselves. Bill and I are trying our best to raise global citizens of the world – kids who will embrace diversity, be empathetic, protect the environment and be kind. Seeing their joy in sharing today makes me think we’re on the right track.

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