Santa 2017

It’s that time – our annual Santa visit. This year we missed our favorite spot in Greenwich but thankfully found this gem of a Santa locally in Walnut Creek – he was super sweet and they let us make a reservation so the kids had extra time to spend with Santa.

It was a special afternoon for me with the kids – after visiting Santa they picked a spot for an early dinner (everyone was still on jet lag a bit). Dad had a work thing and wasn’t going to get home till quite a bit later, unfortunately.

I love that there is still “magic” for these little ones. Even though I’m pretty sure Holden knows something is up, he isn’t even questioning it – perhaps because he likes that Santa brings him presents and perhaps because he wants to keep it magical for Finley. Either way, I’ll take it.

With everything going on socially, politically, etc. and with kids growing up far faster than they should, I love that we can prolong happy childhood magic whenever possible.

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