Advent 2017, day 2

Advent Day 2 brought a family fun day to take in the sights and sounds of San Francisco. We started at our very favorite Bay Area Children’s Theatre performance of “Elephant & Piggie’s, We Are in A Play!” which as you can imagine – was hilarious and funny. Holden & Finley LOVE Gerald and Piggie and of course recognized many of the books incorporated into the play and were thrilled to see it. A few times I could hear Fin’s belly laugh over the crowd and performance and it made my day. We love this organization and are thrilled it is such a part of our community.

After the play, we had to stop by the Carousel. It is right there after all and a beacon to the kiddos. The love it. Then we walked up to Union Square, stopping to catch a view of the baby puppies and kitties that the ASPCA was showcasing in the Macy’s window display before reaching the largest decorated Christmas tree the kids had ever seen. Somehow we didn’t have to get them food and beverage which is a miracle in itself and we were able to head home. We certainly had one super duper tired little one and another not far behind, as we wrapped up a very active fun-filled day.

I grabbed super cute outfits for the kids today – the wolf sweater from Aunt Tracy and a little dress that Fin wore for a recent shoot. Of course, Holden was a good sport about wearing exactly what I threw in his direction but Finley insisted (loudly I might add) that she be able to wear her turquoise lego uni-kitty shirt on top of her adorable dress outfit. Check out her pose in the tree photo too. The force is strong in this one. I choose to pick my battles. She rocked the look like only she can – ruffled sleeves from the dress sticking out from the t-shirt and all… #beingfinleygrace as we tag in our Instagram account.

Bedtime should be a breeze tonight thankfully.


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