Paint your pet

Our elementary school hosts pay to play parties throughout the year as fundraising opportunities. Today, Holden did the “Paint Your Pet” event with a few friends. They had an amazing time and they created really special pieces of art that were amazingly recognizable. The artist (Ammo) who managed all 20 or so of these creative wonders was so talented and sweet – check out her website if you are local and need a pet portrait or to host a kids art party yourself. The moms were actually a bit jealous and wanted to have their own painting party.

As I didn’t have a sitter for Fin, she tagged along. It actually worked out great. She worked on a new sticker book, ate her weight in puppy themed snacks, played with Oreo, the host dog, and was such a good sport. She always makes friends wherever we go. I also love how she kept checking in with Holden and giving him compliments.

Speaking of compliments, the party was for K-5 students. I was amazed at how many of the older kids would come over to see the younger kids paintings and also offer a genuine compliment – like “I like how you did the shadowing” etc. They were so supportive and encouraging and the younger ones were thrilled to have such kind feedback and support from the big kids. I love this community we landed in. I’m thankful each and every day.

Final Product:


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