2017 Advent Day 11


Today is a service day – to Mommy especially, and hopefully, to others as well. Today we cleaned out the toy closet and playroom. We threw away broken toys, found the right homes for the pieces in the lost toys bin, and we passed on any toys we’ve outgrown that are still in good condition. I was so proud of the kids. They really understood the goal and made some good decisions. Plus, they stuck with the whole project – although afterward, Finley said, “My legs are just too tired to get up and walk to dinner Mommy”. Thankfully, she recovered a few minutes later and was back to bouncing around.

And, in case you were wondering about the image above, I was really dreading today’s activity because parting with anything is really tough for the kids usually. I thought I’d need at least one of these yummy cocktails. BUT… shockingly, the kids were really great about it, except that it ran late and dinner was late. If you know me, or either kiddo, you know that once we get hungry, we quickly get hangry.

No cocktails needed after all.

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