Oops. Change in plans.

Ugh. This happened. Tonight’s regular activities came to a screeching halt and instead we zipped to the ER. Again. We should just have a fast pass. Actually tonight we did. When you walk in holding your hand in a mash of bloody paper towels, they don’t make you wait long to get into triage. Of course, once inside, you are on ER time so you may as well settle in.

I was a bit in shock as I very nearly cut off the top corner section of my thumb and completely cut through my thumbnail. Apparently, kale is not only a superfood, it is deadly. I screamed “ER. Car. Now” and the kids came running. I shut off the oven, Bill kenneled the dog, the kids put on shoes, and I grabbed coats for them. It took just minutes. Despite having to tell them to put their shoes on 15 times each morning before school, when there is a crisis, they are prepared.

Fortunately, everything is reattached, and we expect a full recovery.

Unfortunately, it is extremely painful, particularly at 4am, when the numbing meds wore off. And only slightly less over the next few days.

The most interesting thing was getting a peak at the inside of my skin and thumb as they cleaned and prepped to suture.

The most surreal part was watching the little “fish hook” go through my skin (and thumbnail) without feeling anything at all, not even pressure. The numbing agent was pretty good – my thumb joint is still sore 3 days later at the injection sites.

Oddly, even with five sutures, it still manages to bleed at times several days later, like that time earlier tonight that I hit it against the inside of the washing machine while doing laundry. That was awful all over again.

Sunday night dinner cost us $325 (ER copay) + hospital cafeteria food. I think just selecting takeout originally would have been a cheaper and more efficient option. I’m also suffering a bit of PTSD and very hesitant to chop anything, especially kale.


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