2017 Advent, Day 20

Day 20. It’s getting close y’all! Cross off those lists.

Today’s activity was scrapped and redesigned when I realized my parents arrived at lunchtime, not 8pm. So, instead of making salt dough ornaments; I changed it to “Grandpa and Grandma arrive! Put on a Christmas Show for them!”

Well, they loved that idea and got right to work diagraming a puppet show. They chattered all the way to my Dr appt when she pulled out my stitches (it’s still horrid 14 hours later). Pulling our stitches through your fingernail is perhaps worse than 2-3 months of construction delays. Ouch!

While driving Finley also announced we really needed a cake for Grandmas birthday and Holden declared it should come from Susie Cakes – a favorite spot of his. So we stopped, they made their selection including the icing color and addition of sprinkles. Finley requires all things to have sprinkles. Even sprinkles need sprinkles.

Once at home we delivered some more local gifts before Gma and Goa arrived. Once they were here, it was a flurry of activity with each trying to get more time and show off more. Hilarious.

Holden’s puppet show was also super funny and well thought out thanks to his scene drawings. He’s such a nut.

After dinner we brought out the birthday cake with a mega candle. I’ve learned the hard way to present the cake first and THEN light it. If you light it first you likely loose your eyebrows.

Grandma was a great sport and fur just a few seconds I though maybe our gorgeous (and expensive) pendant was going up in flames. It wasn’t. Thankfully.

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