2017 Advent, Day 24

Today is Christmas Eve and our kids are nutty with excitement! Our Advent today was to get setup for Santa and read the Bight before Christmas. It sounds simple but the day was a whirlwind!

Our morning started as they always do, too early, but still fun. Friends from our neighborhood came over to play and run off some excitement.

Holden created a giant statue of Santa using Duplo blocks – if you look closely you’ll see the blue eyes, nose and mouth as well as the dropped curved hat. I’m still looking at it several days later and continue to be more and more amazed.

Dad went to work on some of the punch list projects that are still outstanding. I def need him another week (or more, and preferably a non holiday week next time). It’s almost to the point where we should hire Dad instead of the handyman, nanny, housekeeper, carpenter, gardeners, etc. Should have built a guest house. Only half joking.

I mastered making a substitute version of a delicious gluten-free, vegan “Baileys” look-a-like and we drank the whole jar a bit faster than I anticipated. Oops.

Bill and Holden enjoyed a long hike with Emmy – check out the view from our backyard hill. Also, Bill and Grandpa both got to hike the gulley behind our house to catch a runaway ball. Bill snapped a gorgeous sunset with Holden at the fence in silhouette.

I spent the afternoon prepping for Christmas Eve dinner while everyone did all sorts of voodoo, playing, reading and maybe naps (I’m not talking about the kids for naps). Once everything was prepped and ready, we went to Family Mass at our local Church. It was a beautiful ceremony but a tad too long for all the kids in the audience.

I’m happy to say while Finley insisted on wearing a black cat Halloween hair clip, she didn’t call out the Angel Gabriel as a witch this year. Instead she loudly exclaimed “Oh wow! Look at the Fairy!” We are making progress. Baby steps.

Then it was home for dinner with a few friends. Afterwards, we setup cookies for Santa with two very tired kiddos. Once they were in bed, our sweet friends jumped into Santa mode – pulling all the presents from the garage, filling stockings, and even sampling the cookies, etc. They are the cutest.

The littles stayed sound asleep and snuggled in their beds till all of 6:45. Which, given they’ve woken me up at 6:00, or before, every day this break, is a gift. I guess. I know once school starts, they’ll return to sleeping in.

Hope you all had beautiful Christmas Eve celebrations with your own crews. Merry Christmas!

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