Boozy coffee

My Hashimoto’s requires a lot of food and diet changes and it has paid off well. I’ve given up gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, and soy; and while I don’t miss most of it, there are moments that I definitely notice it. Like Christmas vacation coffees with Bailey’s.

When I saw a recipe for homemade Baileys on the blog of one of my favorite food bloggers, I started to think about ways to modify it to work with my diet. I did some research about making a vegan version of condensed milk which seemed reasonable and likely decent tasting.

Whiskey or bourbon would be a problem with the grain, even after distilling. There is a product called sorghum whiskey; but it is new, and even here, in the land of easy-peasy gluten-free options, it hasn’t yet caught on. The manager at one of our liquor stores suggested substituting with brandy instead and gave us a few really delicious options. It worked!

Christmas morning was saved. As was Christmas Eve. But that’s about it. It was far too easy to drink that yumminess, unfortunately. Will have to make another batch soon.

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