Finally! Christmas Day!

Wow! It’s finally here and it was such a whirlwind day. It is safe to say today was magical for everyone. What a wonderful day spent making memories. We loved seeing the kiddos SO excited and appreciated the kindness and generosity of our friends and family. We are truly lucky and blessed and very fortunate.

Today was so busy and chaotic – and I lost my phone for a while in the mayhem of unwrapping and toy unboxing so I didn’t take a lot of photos. Oops.

As you’d expect, our day started early with 2 very excited kiddos bouncing in our bed. They opened Santa presents first and Santa delivered! The adults quickly consumed coffee in efforts to partially match their excitement. Stockings followed and then we all started chipping away at the mountain of packages before us. It took awhile and required a few coffee refills but no one complained – especially the kiddos.

Emmy spent most of the morning tucked under the coffee table killing her new toys. Given she’s afraid of trash and recycling, she may have PTSD after the gift opening. I’m hopeful that the in-depth immersion therapy may actually help her fears… Fingers crossed.

Holden remembered a necklace I liked and showed Bill the exact one weeks later. Bill snapped a picture of us as I opened it. Isn’t his face the sweetest? Speaking of sweet, with all we received, my favorite presents are still my sweet babies. Their excitement and enthusiasm for all our traditions; and love for all of us is really special.

After opening gifts and hauling away the debris (our garage is SO full), we set out appetizers and drinks and so enjoyed having several friends join with their families. By the time the guests left, and the clean-up was done, I think we were all very tuckered out. I know I slept like a champ.

Hope you all had beautiful holidays with loved ones. Merry Christmas!

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