Boxing Day

The day after Christmas is Boxing Day right?

I used to think it was as to return or exchange gifts. I now know it’s because you have to unbox, assemble, stuff batteries into all the toys, and then break down all the boxes and recycle all the wrapping. It’s definitely crazy… and we haven’t even begun to break down the holiday decor yet.

Thankfully, even with all of this, Dad got kids gallery wall installed for us. I’ve had the pieces hanging out in a basket in the playroom since we moved in, unfortunately. And then Dad and Bill also broke down all the piles of boxes and garbage opening up our entire garage again. It’s amazing. I’m very thankful. I’m also horrified my parents leave again already tomorrow. I know I have more projects that I could use help with.

One gift, in particular, the Matchbox Ultimate Garage, is our new nanny. It took awhile to assemble and was easily 3 times bigger than expected, but the kids love love love it. I think we won’t see them the rest of break. Unless to ask for more tracks to expand what they can do with it.

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