Here comes 2018. And 42.

Thanks to our sweet hubs, this gorgeous gal and I rang in 2018 in style, celebrating our 12/31 and 1/1 shared birthdays. An amazing dinner at Michael Mina with a few good friends – friends we’ve celebrated many a NYE together many of the past years. It was easily the most hilarious evening in awhile (especially the part where we debated which was better – ’84 or ’85 based on music and the entire table sang through the top 20 playlists. It was also one that required a very slow start, lots of naps, and a big taco plate the next day.

As many may agree, 2017 was, for the most part, a crap year with all sorts of scratch your head crazy things occurring. Even so, we did have good moments to celebrate – like, finally, 842 days later, we moved into our home. And, the world still exists in 2018, which is a little miracle in itself I guess. I’m hopeful that 2018 brings us more people coming together, standing up for what supports and grows humanity, making a positive difference, and taking care of our planet.

My plans for 2018 include being me, and doing more of what I’ve been doing the past years – love for my family and our village; focusing on my health, especially my thyroid; continuing to make a dent in the punch list of items for our house; and to keep learning from and being inspired by powerhouse peeps I’m blessed to have in my life.

Happy 2018 friends.  Happy Birthday Liz. Happy 42 to me.

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