Crushing it Monday

Bill snapped this gem of our fav girl #beingfinleygrace this weekend – side note, check out this tag line on my Insta account @girlnorth for all sorts of Finley being Finley.

It’s pouring cats and dogs here (like over 2” today alone) but I felt like I crushed it – much like Finley does each and every day. I’m pretty proud of myself.

My day was epic and I rocked my list of projects but the most amazing part was that I was in and out of the DMV in less than 20 minutes. Yep! This really happened. And, I didn’t even have an appointment. I was a walk in! Craziness! I’m pretty sure if there was any visibility at all today, I could have seen some pigs flying.

OR maybe I’ve been tortured enough the past few years with the house and health, etc., that I’m due for some easy peasy. Let’s hope so because “operation fix the stupid drywall” in lot 74 begins and it’s back to the construction world we go. Fingers crossed.


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