Wilder, Day 1021

Bet you thought we were done with the countdown (or rather count up) of building progress, didn’t you? Don’t worry. I’m still here, sometimes (frequently) on house arrest while we continue marching along through our punch list.

Today we began the drywall recovery repair process. Apparently, it was an epic wet year last year so there was a lot of moisture in the air, and in our house, causing the drywall to expand a bit perhaps. As it warmed up, dried out, and internally stabilized; the drywall shrunk, pulling back, leaving nail heads “popping” out. It looked as if we had installed rows of rivers throughout the house in every room, arch and ceiling.

While it makes it easy to find the studs, it isn’t a good look. Today we marked all 76,382 nail pops (not quite that bad) and they started repairing. It will be about 7 working days apparently, and if you need to send a package with signature receipt, someone will be here during business hours I’m sure.

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.

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