Hiking with this cutie

It was a gorgeous day to take my number 1 girl and our sweet pup on a lovely hike along the trails in our neighborhood.

Fin was totally into it. She got to pick which ways to turn, what paths to take, and the pace we went and she had a blast. I think she thanked me at least 4 times in the 75 minutes we were out and about.

She was so excited to tell her brother about seeing a falcon and another big black bird. I was proud that as we hiked up a staircase, she immediately recognized our location on the other side of our neighborhood and knew exactly how to get home.

I loved hearing her little voice repeat over and over “step where Mommy steps” when we had to trek a bit through a narrow hilly portion where there wasn’t yet a connecting path.

Recently Finley’s been all about Mommy and while it makes it hard to finish projects at times, it is really sweet. I love getting time to enjoy this amazing girl.

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