Art shopping

I was scheduled to comb through a wonderful art gallery with our designer Amanda on Monday. Fin was supposed to be in school but she decided she wanted a bonus girls day. I told her my day involved an art gallery, meetings and errands and she was still pressing to stay home so I let her. Pretty soon she’ll be in school and we won’t have as much one on one time as we do.

She was hilarious – she toured the art gallery, even getting out to the rooftop space with the owner (a guy I worked with in a past life if you believe it, SF is really a small town). She had Amanda read her Llama Llama before letting her shop, and she was appalled that the city smelt like “skunk” which was actually pot + the many other smells of “not so polished” city neighborhoods.

I thought for sure she’d sleep on the way home but nope, she sang and chattered all the way. It’s really fun having such a sweet girl to spend time with. She seems far beyond her 4 years but still so sweet and little when she snuggles in. As much as I love a little space to breathe and get things done fast, I always love these two turkeys and hope they remember their childhood as fondly as I do.

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