We spent last week having almost every single wall in our house repainted after all the drywall repairs were completed. We have one more day to go – several bathrooms and Bill’s office. So far (fingers crossed, knock on wood) the entire process has gone so much better than we could have imagined. It is amazing how much better this painter is than our original painter. While we will still have drips and dings in some of the walls and trim, overall, we finally have walls that look decent.

Just to show you how bad our first painter was, I included a photo of the interior of one of our windows. That isn’t dust or dirt, that is overspray on the glass. It’s also on the frames of many of our steel windows and is SO awful. They had zero skill or ethics. So glad to be done with them, even if I have to actually soak and scrape every single giant window myself to fix their mess.

Even better, Bill’s office always looked off to me. The paint was shiny and not like the rest of our home. Turns out that the first set of painters used the wrong hue (eggshell instead of emulsion) and the result was awful. Seeing it painted correctly today was a game changer. I know love this room, the color, and the feel.

Hopefully one more day and then we are done. I have to tell you, setting up your entire house, only to take it all apart six months later – pull down all the art, clear out all the decor, move all the furniture, and then replace everything two days later is really a p.i.t.a. I don’t recommend it for your sanity.

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