Fin + June

These two are thick as thieves. They are in the same circle group at their school and are always together. We were debating to do preschool next year or TK, but learned today that June misses the TK cutoff so I’m pretty sure Fin will change her mind to stay at preschool another year – IF they can be in the same class and IF they can have Teacher Rosa. As Fin said today, “Rosa looks best.” I asked her if she meant she dresses best or seems to be the most qualified teacher, I mean with our fashionista, you could make either assumption legitimately. Thankfully she replied, “She’s the most qualified, you know, the best Mom.”

 In either case, the girls want a drop off playdate something fierce. They settled for riding in my car, stopping at Starbucks, and meeting their brothers at Wagner Ranch. Of course, they had to play on the playground there too. These two. The sweetest little loves. Hand in hand, and making plans, taking the world by storm.

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