i feel ya emmy

If this doesn’t look like how my Wednesday feels, I don’t know what does…

This past week we repainted all the interior walls of our home (looks so much better), Bill was traveling, Holden spiked 102+ fever out of nowhere for just a few hours overnight, Finley had a really runny nose but nothing was coming out, prepared for an exterior house photo shoot, and I managed to set off our house alarm scaring myself to bits one night. Y’all know that whenever Bill travels, the kids forget how to sleep, and this time was no exception.

Thankfully our weekend seems reasonable to get some catch up time – just that I’m at Pixar all day Friday for a tour (it was awesome btw), dinner out with friends on Friday night (delicious), hosting family friend’s kiddo all day Saturday (great for our kids), and a Warriors game Saturday with our school (happy it was a 5:30 game, and a win – fun night).

It’s safe to say that Sunday will involve jammies, movies, and trying to catch up on the upcoming volunteer event organization and hopefully digging out of my closet (a BIG mess after last week).

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