Valentine Prep. Phoning it in.

Totally caved this year and bought 100% store bought character valentines. It’s SO not me. I usually research for inspiration but not this year.

Funny thing is, the kids don’t seem to mind at all. They had a blast. Holden did everything by himself and Fin tackled quite a bit of hers too. We had fun working on them and they didn’t appear too judge-y that Mom hit the easy button. They were more excited about the stickers and tattoos- no candy allowed for either school.

Funny side story. I put Fins fine she’d Valentines back in the box so she could carry it to school. Except it got tossed in recycling – no idea who – and luckily it didn’t make it out to the curb in time or they would be goners. Horror. I’m pretty sure Bill is as really thrilled to rummage through and find these awful Valentines. He’s a good egg.

I also didn’t wrap a single gift for anyone either. The kids have a lot of loot on the table and I know they’ll be happy to dive into it wrapping or not.

I’m not completely throwing in the towel though. I promise. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in fundraising event prep, and tomorrow I’m working all morning in Fin’s class before setting up a pretty sweet photo booth for Holden’s Valentine party. I think all my creativity went into this booth this year. Fingers crossed it works and we get cute photos!

Which reminds me, since I pulled all the cool props for the event, there’s no fun decor for breakfast either. No balloons, not even the cute sweetheart convo heart plates. Sorry kiddos.

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