Working lunch

On Tuesdays we rock our massive to-do list. This is my partner in crime and she keeps up pretty well. She’s also my wellness coach – I know I have to stop to feed her and keep her regularly hydrated, as well as making time for fun things between all our projects.

She’s such a good sport about doing all the mundane things – shopping, appointments, errands, meetings, workouts, you name it. She’s also very excited to do the fun things – like mani-pedi’s, coffee shops, park playdates, and of course haircuts with Miss Hillary. This girl (and her brother) are perhaps the easiest children to haul around to do the weirdest and most boring things. They make my job easier in so many ways.

Can you believe how grown up she’s looking already? Hey clock… slow it down already. Especially at night when I could use an extra hour or four of sleep, m’kay?

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