A Look Inside – Bill’s Office

So many people have asked me to share more of our home and I’m happy to do so. Let’s start in Bill’s home office since he’s the reason we get to enjoy this gorgeous house.

I love how this space came out and I think he does too. There is a very well-designed masculine feel and a quietness to the space. Bill’s music and fly-fishing loves were central to the design; as well as how he actually prefers to work, because, let’s face it, we need him to be comfortable while he’s at work. I mean, he’s the only one that collects a paycheck around here!

Bill wanted a standing desk – we had our furniture maker create a custom maple desktop that matched the fly fishing storage drawers on the left side of his built-in bookcases and cabinets. He loves collaborating and spreading out, so we put a small table with the coolest leather chairs in the corner right next to a moveable flat screen monitor that can double as a conference screen, or a TV to watch sports while hiding from the rest of us. The comfy chair in the corner is perfect for sitting back and reading a book – one of Bill’s favorite ways to relax. No, he doesn’t get nearly enough time to relax.

We wanted Bill to be able to get work done during the day, while the kids are usually home. To do this, we placed Bill’s office separate from our main house, accessed through our outdoor courtyard and loggia. This way, he isn’t as likely to be interrupted by our activities. To make it more functional, we also added a half bath right off his office. I fell in love with the grasscloth wallpaper. The fish art piece is one of our Cape Cod finds. Additional pieces of art and mementos fill the walls of the space.

Funny story about this room… From the first day it was painted, I felt something was off. I was assured it was fine. Turns out my instinct was on the money (pretty much always the case, no?). When we had the drywall repairs done, we learned that our first crew of painters (the horrible ones) used the wrong sheen of the color resulting in an odd, shiny look. Once the new (and way better) painters used the right sheen, the room was a 1000% prettier.

Now, of course, as luck would have it, Bill’s travel schedule is ramping up. In this case, if you build it, he’ll start working far away from it. Field of dreams doesn’t seem to apply here.

Photography credit for the stunning images goes to John Merkl. Impeccable design, execution, installation and room staging by Amanda Teal Designs. 

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