Thank you

One of my friends and I co-taught Think First in Mrs. O’s class this year. Once a week, we taught one-hour classes that focused on developing social-emotional concepts like calming down, recognizing emotions the kids feel, recognizing emotions that others are feeling, developing empathy, practicing inclusion, etc. My co-teacher is an amazing friend and a talented improv personality so she took the personas of the puppet characters and really made the weekly lessons funny and memorable to the class, and to the adults present. We had such a good time and the experience was really valuable – especially as I could use many refresher courses on these very topics.

As our curriculum was nearing an end, Mrs. O asked if we could come one additional week for a Think First party. We of course agreed and, as you can imagine, we were very curious what a Think First party would entail.

When we arrived, we were invited to sit in our chairs as we always did. Our kiddos presented us with sweet bouquets of flowers and the entire class invited us to join them in their drawing time – it was so sweet that they demonstrated one of the techniques we presented. The students also gave us a book of thank you letters they wrote with pictures they drew about what they remember from class.

It was SO touching and sweet. We’re so lucky we have such a great and wonderful group of friends for our kiddos and also such a talented teacher resource.

Drawing time was so fun too… All the kids came by to compare and compliment elements on each other’s work. Michelle and I left with several beautiful pieces of artwork from some of the kiddos as well.

I definitely left school on a high note this morning. And only improved my mood as my very next stop was a wonderful massage. Thursday is magic apparently.

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